AL Friday @ spielbar

I’ll be there to dm the third and last chapter of Bleeding Gate,
Those that took part in the journey so far will have precedence in joining my table, but other players obviously are welcome too and hopefully one of the other dms will be there to host a table too :slight_smile:

Me plus one again)

I’d love to join if there’s a spot open or a second table opens up.

I shall DM again! :grin:

We’ll go back to Mulmaster, where you’ll have to get out of… a sticky situation, shall we say?

Ill play or DM if there will be too many players.

I plan to DM Shadows over the Moonsea(which is actually part of the sea, not a lake as I foolishly claimed), DDEX1-3.

I promise to prepare better than last game. Should I run into problems with the adventure, I will switch to Hoard of the Dragon Queen instead as I’ve read up on it.

In either case, the adventures should take about 4 hours on paper, so I start at 19 o’clock and maybe we can finish until midnight.

Onward to the mosaic of chaos!

Ah, yes, I should mention that I will also start at 19:00 again, to be able to make it back home ^^

I’ll come again as a player, looking forward to it :smiley:

I shall join as a player. Would like to continue with Bleeding Gate ch3 :upside_down_face::grin:

I will come as a player again. Looking forward to it!

I want to join as a player. Looking forward to it >^_^<

Hi there! Since you are playing in the Adventurers League circuit, you may be a lot interested in this thread: D&D Epic Prèmiere

See ya! :wink:

Argh! I had a scheduling snafu and did not realize that I had a previously scheduled important appointment on Friday - so unfortunately I will not be able to DM after all, sorry guys :-/

Ill DM Tales of good and Evil. Found it kind of a fun one of.

One friendly reminder: Please remember to pay for your drinks etc when you leave. Last week there were about 16€ worth of food/drinks left after we left Spielbar.
This might not be (all) from us but still…
Helpful players from Tonis (@Toni) table picked up the tab…

I count three tables tomorrow, nice. Will try hard to make it on time tomorrow.

ok, i finally got some time to check out the adventure i planned to run … and realized that for some reason that completely eludes me the last part of the bleeding gate trilogy of adventures is a tier 2 adventure, so unless we get a full tier 2 (levels 5-10) table (3-7 players) i will probably instead run the introduction adventure to the CoS HC

I will bring both obviously, sorry for the confusion, I really wasn’t expecting the last chapter not to be tier 1

The Curse of Strahd intro adventure is a great one, have fun with it guys :grinning:

Have a thing that breaks at 6:30, so might be a tad late. Apologies. Definitely coming, though.

See you tonight!