AL Friday @ 1070 - adventure time! :P

So I’m counting 14 players including myself currently with 3 DMs (@Tersidian, @Babybonkers, and @Toni). IF everyone shows up, which they didn’t last time :frowning_face:. That should work nicely, so I won’t bother preparing something for now.

I’d also like to join again, T1, half-elven paladin =)
sry for the late notification, completely forgot.

If its still possible i would like to join with a t1 cleric

Sure! Just don’t let it become a Habit :wink:

Thanks for a great spontanieous session) We had some laughs and I had fun as well.

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So i’ve had fun almost killing my players again :slight_smile:
I hope everybody there (on my table or on any of the others) had fun too :smiley:

For my players here is the item you unlocked:

Pearl of Power (set in a ring)
This bright yellow pearl is set in a ring of black iron and glows with a warm yellow light. The ring has been fashioned in the shape of a giant serpent that twists around the wearer’s finger with the pearl clutched in the mouth. While attuned the wearer’s dreams are consumed by a pair of yellow, serpentine eyes.
Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement by a spellcaster)
Costs: 16 TCP of Tier1 or higher
You can use an action to speak this pearl’s command word and regain one expanded spell slot of up to 3rd level. Once you have used the pearl, it can’t be used again until the next dawn.

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I count two killed, but not permanently😉

Thanks for another great session!

To the people from Toni’s HotDQ table: We forgot to split our loot :neutral_face:

I have written down the following:

  • 120 gold found somewhere
  • Another 16 gold found somewhere
  • 1200 gold worth of gems and jewels (belong to people in Greennest, I would consider this a party item for HotDQ)
  • 600 gold from the chest in which we found the gems

So that’s a total of 736 gold, divided by 5 players is 147 for everybody :slight_smile:

@Toni please let us know if I misunderstood the gems/jewel part.

Have a nice weekend!

@Fnark I don’t know what you mean by party item. I would consider them a quest item in video games. You as a group can either trade them for gold or return them to their owners.

All money in AL doesn’t go with the characters. If you purchase small magic items like scrolls, potions etc or non magic equipment, those stay with your character. There are two ways to get gold that moves with you from table to table. 1) you get gold on a level up 2) you can trade treasure points for gold.

The way I handle it on my table is that you can distribute the money on the table as you like and I consider it as part of the groups belongings. Reason is that there are HCs that require the party to use gold in one way or another and I would consider it weird, if the party earned the amount of money needed and the next week they don’t have it any more because 2 out of 7 people that earned the money are not there the next week.

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Oh alright, I just misunderstood then. I thought the gems might have another purpose besides what you listed.

The gold stuff makes sense with the hardcovers. All clear, cheers!

There might be. Like I said, I only stay 1 chapter ahead of the adventure.

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