AL Donations



I started to collect donations today so we can buy books and stuff for AL use that we will leave at Cafe Zehnsiebzig for anybody to use. Money gathered this way will also be used in case there is an open tab at the end of a night. Just to clarify: this is absolutely voluntary, i don’t want anybody to feel forced to donate. If you can AND want we’d be glad, if you can’t and/or don’t want that is fine too!
I’ll do my best to keep this post updated, if anybody wants to give an anonymous donation that’s also fine, just tell me and i make sure not to mention names :smiley:

Donations so far:

  • Lup 20 €
  • Cyan 12,50 €
  • rene 10 €
  • Tersidian 5 €
  • Wonderwonka 10 €
  • vic 1 Player’s Handbook
  • Resil 20 €
  • mulog 5 €
  • Hamer 5 €
  • Shadow 10 €
  • pfeifer 5 €
  • Atoh-nym 5 €

Spent so far:

Available funds: 107,50 €

DM/DnD Material available @ Cafe 1070:

  • PHB sponsored by vic
  • DMG sponsored by blueblaze
  • couple of 3D printed and handpainted minis sponsored by rene (a small donation to cover printing costs when you use them is much appreciated as this collection is going to grow over time)


Great initiative! How can people donate? Only cash then and there or are we equipped with other means?


@Tersidian I want to donate also…next time we meet :slight_smile:


well for now it’s only possible to donate directly in cash, we obviously would also take books and stuff directly, but tbh i didn’t expect to get so big donations


I’d like to donate a brand new PHB, since I happen to have two. I’ll drop it off at 1070 this Friday.


perfect, hand it to @TomTom1070 he is the cafe’s owner, in case he isn’t there ask the staff where to put it i guess :smiley:


Yep, I know Tom, will do!


added a donation i got even though i wasn’t at todays AL event :smiley:


I dropped off the PHB on the pile of boardgames that they have next to the bar.


updated donations, will order the first book or 2 soon :smiley:


updated donations again


updated donations, remove the individual user mentions (the @ ing,) now just the user names are there, as we have donations from over 10 different people now and a single post only allows 10 mentions :smiley:


I print a beholder atm for donating what color should i paint him?


Monster Manual Pinkish/purple? :smiley:


If you can finish him till Friday and if I get to DM I would be happy to integrate him into the adventure. I have an idea how that might work.
I have proven to be great at balancing encounters. #fireSnakesVersusMonks


i miss Gin and his new best friend pet fire snake … :frowning:


Yeah pink purple would be possible and he will probably be finished tonight


btw I dropped off the dungeon masters guide at the cafe