AL Donations plans

  • Dungeon Master’s Gudie
  • Monster Manual
  • Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
  • Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
  • Volo’s Guide to Monsters
  • Xanathar’s Guide to Everything
  • Battlemap
  • Something else

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Please vote for what we buy next with the funds we have available at the moment, if you go with the last option “Something else”, please also post what you’d have in mind, it should be somewhat D&D related (e.g.: dice to give away, basic supplies like notebooks and pencils, …)

I’m doing this poll because i think it’s probably a good idea if i’m not the only one deciding what to buy :smiley:


Well, were probably too far from a digital table for now, so lets go with Xanatars)

F me, misclicked on XGtE while I wanted to click Monster Manual. Please consider if we have a draw. Sorry about it.

I can donate a copy of dungeon masters guide


I think Xanathar’s makes the most sense for character creation. Especially new players might not have it.
How well equipped are the other DMs in terms of MM, ToF, VgtM? Monster AL adventures have monster stat blocks included anyway.

A few other things we might want to consider:

  • Tortle pack :heart: (goes well with Xanathar’s)
  • Minis
  • Adventures: You can get complete seasons on DMsGuild at a discount…

I will provide some minis

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I have most of the books on DNDBeyond and a master subscription. If someone wants to DM or just wants to check out the functionality of DNDBeyond, I can provide access to the content.

In case you didn’t buy Xanathar’s yet I could donate it.


sounds good :smiley:

I’ll bring it on friday then :slight_smile:

just ordered a couple of things (Monster Manual, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, 2 2-sided Battlemaps (that means 4 different base graphics on the battlemaps) + Markers/Eraser)