AL adventures / DM list

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I DMed CCC-ODFC02-01 Serenade of Pain

I ran: DDEX2-05 - Flames of Kythorn

I ran CCC-AMER-01 Asleep and Awake

I ran: DDEX2-06 Breath of the Yellow Rose

I DMed:
-> CCC-BMG-31 Phlan 3-1 The Conventicle of Chaos
-> CCC-BMG-32 Phlan 3-2 The First Rule

I DMed DDAL-07-04 - A Walk in the Park

I ran DDAL00-02B - The Weirding Vats

I ran
DDEX2-07 - Bounty in the Bog
DDEX2-08 - Foulness Beneath Mulmaster

I ran
DDAL-07-05 - Whispers in the Dark

i currently plan to run
CCC-PD-TDD01-01 - Troubles under Winton

I ran:

DDEX3-1 Harried in Hillsfar
DDEX3-2 Shackles of Blood

i plan on running DDIA-XGE - Underworld Speculations

I ran DDAL00-04 Winters Flame last week

i ran DDAL05-02 - The Black Road
and DDAL05-03 - Uninvited Guests

i ran CCC-ODFC01-01 - Hammer and Anvil

I ran CCC-CiC-01 Vault of the devourer.

I ran CCC-GOC-01-01 Tree Rot :evergreen_tree:

I ran DDEX2-11 Oubliette of Fort Iron

I ran DDAL6-01 A Thousand Tiny Deaths