AL @ 1070 - the season draws to a close, last month!

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

If you plan on being there please announce yourself and tell us what you are bringing, so if you plan to DM please tell us what Tier of adventure it will be, if you plan on playing what Tier of character it will be (T1: level 1-4, T2: level 5-10, T3: level 11-16, T4: level 17-20)

For new players: you can either create a character according to the ALPG found here or be there early so one of the more experienced players/DMs can help you create one of your own

I won’t be there once again, but as usual i’m sure there will be enough other people chipping in :slight_smile:

Dungeon of the mad mage? hHEEEERE I COME!

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Player: T1 Rogue, T1 Paladin

DM: Can continue Sunless Citadel for the group from last week if enough people there, otherwise I can pick up Lost Mines at any point other groups stopped at so they can finally finish it xD

I’m in again: With a T1 who like to finish the lost mines or T2

Plan on coming. Might be late though so coming to play t1/2

I will be bringing a T1 Character,

since i never played Adventure League i might come a little early to have someone go over my character to make sure its aligned with the rules

Will be coming with T1 characters.

Might also be bringing a T1 friend.

So we are 7 people including one dm. Can you dm a t1 adventure @Resil?

I guess in this case Id prefer to play. But If we need 2 t1 tables Ill rerun smth.

Well @Rayce_Kaiser can you dm? Because as said above i didnt have the time to prepare something

I would join with T1 or T2

We’ee up to 8 now xD I can DM, but would feel uncomfortable DMing with 7 players. As I said above, would DM Sunless for last weeks group, otherwise Lost Mines for whomever whats to play it to the end.

For now I see we have 3 t2 playes and 4 T1

I would like to join with a t1 character

I’m in and I’d like to continue DOMM, but I’ll be late today…likely around 20:00
I will have in any case both T1 and T2

Ill be there around 7,15

Running a bit late too, should be there by 19:50

I can’t make it anymore :pensive: so sorry, I was looking forward to it…
Have fun guys!

Since this was my first time in AL and even playing a character at all, i just wanted to say i had a lot of fun playing and meeting you guys.
I might not become a regular but im definitely planning on coming again!