AL @ 1070 - survival of the fittest (or well luckiest tbh)

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

If you plan on being there please announce yourself and tell us what you are bringing, so if you plan to DM please tell us what Tier of adventure it will be, if you plan on playing what Tier of character it will be (T1: level 1-4, T2: level 5-10, T3: level 11-16, T4: level 17-20)

For new players: you can either create a character according to the ALPG found here or be there early so one of the more experienced players/DMs can help you create one of your own

I won’t be there, so there is a good chance some of you might make it through the sessions alive! :wink:

will be there with t1 again

I will be there with T1

Actually I can’t. Ran into some irl stuff. :confused:

t1 please?

Will be there as a player tier1 or tier2 - can try to run the module again, I was not quite happy with last time, but would prefer to play

Fittest and luckiest sounds great for my tier 1!
I will be there this friday.
May Dakrug survive and reach level 2 :pray:

Looking forward to you guys :slight_smile:

Hello guys,

I’m new to this forum, but not to D&D. I’d like to join the session, preferrably with a T2 character.

Looking forward to be dinner.

Have you played AL before? If not in AL you have to start with a level 1 character and level him through AL sessions, the necessary rules can be found in the link in the first post, also so far not a single DM has announced themselves sadly, but you can only play characters that are Tier appropriate to the adventures the DMs bring

Hello, I would like to join as a complete newcommer to D&D. Should I know/ bring anything else (except what is already mentioned in the post/guide).

No, it’s also my first time AL. Thanks for reminding, I’ll bring a lvl 1 character then.
At the moment I am only DMing, that’s why I wanted to get some time as PC again.
Let’s see if we can find a DM :slight_smile:

I Intend to be there and while I would prefer to play I will prep a t1 adventure for if we don’t have enough dms

I’ll also be there with T1 character. I also prepare something T1 or rerun an adventure, but would like to play.

Coming to DM domm:)

I am actually DMing that module for my private group, so I certainly know too much about it to participate as a player. Do you have anything else at your disposal maybe?

EDIT: Assuming you are referring to Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Nah. I run DOMM in my own style here in AL. And you need a T2 character to participate.
I could run something else but probably wont0, and hey, I think you would find plenty of suprises in my version of DOMM0:)

Don’t think you need much. A pencil wouldn’t be bad, dice you can for sure borrow from someone.

Normally there is also somebody early enough to help with character creation/questions.

Oh yeah you can’t pay with card in the cafe, so if you plan to consume something bring cash :smiley:

Unfortunately I overlooked an appointment I got on Friday, so will not be able to attend this week. Planning to be there on the 13th though :slight_smile:
Have fun guys! And don’t die.

I’d like to come with a Level 1 character.

well if i haven’t miscounted so far we have 10 people coming, with 1 T2 DM and up to 3 possible T1 DMs
not a lot of T2 characters though so probably you’ll need to run 2 T1 tables