AL @ 1070, Lost mines to find, jungles to raid, tombs to explore

and lots of other fun activities!

The Location is Cafe Zehnsiebzig @ Burggasse 68

I won’t be able to be there this time, but that should not stop you all from having fun!
As usual please announce wether you plan on being there and if you are going to DM an adventure or rather play, and while we’re at it what Tier/Level of Character/Adventure you’ll bring :slight_smile:

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As previously discussed, I will show up with a Tier 1 (Lost Mine of Phandelver DDHC-LMOP) adventure.
I have DM’ed before, but not in adventurer’s league, so please be patient with me.
Let’s have a fun evening. :smiley:


I will also be there as a dm and i will continue ToA (its t1 + t2)


I will be there with a T1 Char, Robert should be there too.


i will be around

I am in, with my T1 Fighter lvl 4th. @Nepu the Lost Mine sounds good, kind a Gary Gygax touch :smiley:

I’d like to come too. If two DMs aren’t enough, I’ll also prep a T1 adventure.

I’ll probably be there with a T1 character.

Me and a friend (another one) would come by this friday. Both with tier 1 characters. I’lll play a Barbarian. He’ll play a tempest cleric.

@vic: It is probably a good idea to have a backup DM. I am looking at adventures to DM next week. Do you already have something in mind (so we don’t prepare the same)?

Edit: I plan to run DDEX2-02 - Embers of Elmwood next week.

You’re right, of course. I haven’t decided yet on the adventure, but I’ll make sure it won’t be DDEX2-02 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay, I’m gonna prep DDEX3-6 - No Foolish Matter, just to be sure we have enough DMs in case either @Nepu or @rene can’t make it.

I’m planning to be there with a t1 cleric

My friend and I will (most likely) be there again (with T1 characters) c:

Robert and i will not come tonight. we both got sick :frowning:

sorry for such a late notice but I will join for todays Al

Is anyone else coming? :slight_smile:

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