AL @ 1070 - 'How to deal with loss' or 'TPK'

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna

If you plan on being there please announce yourself and tell us what you are bringing, so if you plan to DM please tell us what Tier of adventure it will be, if you plan on playing what Tier of character it will be (T1: level 1-4, T2: level 5-10, T3: level 11-16, T4: level 17-20)

For new players: you can either create a character according to the ALPG found here or be there early so one of the more experienced players/DMs can help you create one of your own

I won’t be there this week, but as usual i’m sure there will be enough other people chipping in :slight_smile:

Plan to join with a T1 or finally a T2 char.

Hello guys,
Me and 2 of my friends have been playing for a while now but we want to experience something new, so we would like to attend this meeting. We are excited to meet some new people and we would start with with new chars which we would create beforehand. We would appreciate any tips and help you could give us to start playing with you guys.


Coming for the Dming of the dungeon of the extra mad mage.

Will be there with a t1/t2

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Hi there and welcome to the community. @Tersidian already linked the adventures league rules. Please make sure you adhere to them when creating your characters. Also there are always people there early whom you can ask if you feel unsure about anything. I myself plan to come but i dont have the time to prepare something. So coming to play with t1/2


Gonna be there again with my t1

I’d like to come as a player, T1 or T2.

I’ll do my best to make it and being my T1 swashbuckler with me.

I’m in, for DOMM :slight_smile:

Since it seams there is no DM for T1 I’ll give it a shot to lead an group of brave individuals and prepare an T1 adventure.

It’s my first session as a DM, so can somebody please lend me a DM screen for it.

PS: if someone else wants to DM, no problem I’ll gladly play T1 or T2 :innocent:


I am bringing my screen awesome of you to step up im sorry but this week there was just not enough time to prepare something

I’ll show up with a fresh T1 character, has been ages!

Heyo, will be there with a T1, can DM in case DMs are missing, HotQ or LMoP (but please PM by 17 tomorrow so i know to pack he books)

Will decide on character depending on what the group needs.

EDIT: Just realized that I also have TotYL, dont have any prepp for it, but can improv it well enough

Hello, I just saw that post.

I could jump in as DM, but I’d also be happy to finally play too…

Head count at the moment: (hope I didn’t count wrong :grinning:)

DM T1 joeder
DM T2 Resil

  • T1: 7 players
  • T1&2: 4 players
  • T2: 1 player

I’ve already prepared my T1 adventure, so as long as not more T1 players are coming and all others play T2 it should be fine. Otherwise it would nice to have one more T1 DM.

It appears I can’t make it after all. Have fun!

I have to cancel too due to the fact that im just too tired. Sry for the short notice and sry that i cant bring you my screen @jboimler. I will leave it there next time good night!

I’ll bring a DM screen then, no issue there
Edit: Can only find my CoS-Screen though, but if questions arise regarding anything that’s on the standard issue screen you can just ask me

Thank you all for a great session. One mistake that I did. Despite the cloud giant being neutral, the paladin did sense a faint fiendish touch from him.