AL @ 1070 another one bites the dust (probably)



so far i am counting 14 Players and 2 DM’s ( @Lup and @rene). Wich would still work. I will try to prepare an emergency adventure in case of more Players but i can’t make any promises.


probably next week, looks good so far at least


That would be great tbh. I like DMing but with more than 4-5 players it just becomes exhausting and stressful and no fun for me at all


Well if the relation of playeyrs to dm stays like this (7 players per group), I will not play today. That’s too big of a group for me as a player (and it’s really exhausting for a DM too)

I will check in later and decide then, if I still plan to participate.


Hi guys, sorry for the short notice but me and my +1 won’t be able to make it tonight.
I hope you all have fun and happy easter!


Happy Easter ! … Which brings us down to 6 People per DM. I am stil prepping an Adventure just in case. But my hopes are higher now


So I won’t be coming tonight.
I wish you a lot of fun and now you have a little bit smaller groups. :wink:


Soooo is everyone who indicated so still coming?


1st of all big thx for the cool session (bessy is still alive!!!)
Aaaand i took someones dice by accident. Pls tell me if you will be there next week and (if not) whom i should leave the dice with or if i should keep them for now.
Cheers and SRY


They probably belong to the Ghud - the Paladin who smites like a Cannonball. He came back to the bar a few minutes after you left and asked if somebody had his dice. I sadly do not know his forum name though.


Yes they are my (ghud) dice and no problem it was a little hectic at the end. Just take them with you next week, I should be able to come then.


Sombody forgot to pay 2 apple juice with water so i paid for it (7,80) maybey somemone knows who had them


Just wanted to say that it was great meeting you guys and we’re looking forward to bring our characters next time!
@apple Juice: we only drank radler.

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