Adventures League questions

As the league is new to me, several questions popped up when trying to prepare myself for it.

If you have questions yourself about the AL, feel free to post them here. you roll Hit points or Do you take the average of your Hit die +1 e.g. d8 becomes 5hp.

  1. is there a way to get a spell e.g. a cantrip from the sword Coast adventures guide,even though my class variant is from xanathar’s?
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  1. the answer is in the ALPG, and it is you never really roll for anything when it comes to character so you take the average
  2. for spells yes, for cantrips no (spells yes only if you are able to learn them from scrolls like a wizard or a book of shadows warlock for rituals)
  1. So my hexblade would Start with 100gp?
  2. So my hexblade could get the green flame cantrip?
    Thanks for the Quick answers!

please read the ALPG it clearly states that you get your class and background equipment not the optional gold rule

and as i’ve stated in my first reply: cantrips you can’t get from any other book than the PHB and your +1 which for hexblade is xanathars as there is no way to learn cantrips from spellscrolls

2.i misremembered how i posted my question and misinterpreted then. Thanks for clarifying!