Adventurer League @ Spielbar

I will DM a Tier 1 adventure, that means AL legal characters of level 1-4 are allowed, i’ll of course bring pregens, and i will probably be there an hour early in case anybody would like to make their own character and needs some help.
I’ll bring a lot of material with me as usual, this time including empty character sheets :smiley:
Of course there also will be pregens.
I can take a maximum of 7 players, unless there is a second DM that would like to prepare an AL adventure.

If you plan to be there it would be awesome if you could announce it in here.


count me in

I´ll be there.


I’ll join this week.

oops i just realized a mistake in the topic, it states start 17:00 i planned to start at 19:00, my mistake, i’ll be there at 17:00 (can’t be there sooner as spielbar doesn’t open sooner) … i’ll give spielbar another call today to switch the reservation from 19:00 to 17:00 too

completely my own fault, luckily it’s a friday and i actually have the time :smiley:

This happens every other week! :joy:

I am in.

Good point. I just realized this isn’t about Thursday, which unfortunately means I won’t be able to make it. :confused:

There’ll be a Thursday game, too, right? Looking forward to seeing you.

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I also thought this was about Thursday and can’t make it on Friday.

Hey, first-timer here. Would be great to take part, otherwise I’d be just watching if that’s okay.

well you’re welcome to join, if i’ve not miscounted including you there are 5 players that announced themselves here :slight_smile:

To my dear party I just left behind to catch my train: Although it would be a deed most befitting to my greedy character, I didn’t leave without paying for my drink on purpose! It simply slipped my mind, terribly sorry for that! I’ll pay you back as soon as possible!!

alright i have no idea who picked up your bill, but i’m almost sure we’ll be able to manage to sort that out :slight_smile:

also i had fun, hope everybody who managed to get their had fun too, even though the second mission lasted us until almost 1:30 :smiley:

I had fun too.

I am wondering if we are doing something wrong due to our time on these adventures.

well i’m not railroading you (much) so it obviously takes more time :slight_smile:

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