Adventurer League Season 8 DM Meetup @Spielbar thread 2



last thread got locked, so here is a new one in case anybody else wants to announce they are coming :slight_smile:
so far only @Toni and @SheVa said they were coming while @Discarvio said they might be interested

so if anybody else plans on being there, please announce yourself here


I still plan to come, just to confirm :slightly_smiling_face:


Same. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I´m pretty new to DND 5e and I do have 0 DM experience. So I´m not sure if this meetup is the right thing for me. :confused:

I honestly think, that I might be better suited as a player.


no worries, that’s fine :slight_smile: normal AL play will probably resume next week or the week after (topic will be posted as soon as I know)


Just a quick thank you to the DMs - I know how challenging this sort of thing can be. If you guys think all the constraints and linearity are tough on us players, it’s even harder on the DMs!


alright everyone, thanks for showing up

just some stuff:
Adventurer League DM & Player’s Pack
(old rules) DM Log Sheet

short checklist what to bring/organize as the DM:

  • Adventure
    • maybe prepare the possible battles before hand
  • Spare Pencils
  • Spare Dice
  • Pregenerated Characters (my google drive folder containing my pregens)
  • Advenutre Log Sheets
  • (Empty Charactersheets if you want to help people create their own)
  • anything else you believe you need that evening (DMScreen, Battlemap, figurines, initiative tracker, …)

i most likely forgot something on that list so feel free to add stuff i forgot :slight_smile:

just remembered a thing i completely forgot to mention:
it might not be required, but it probably is a good idea to register with Wizards of the Coast to get a DCI#


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