Adventurer League Friday @ Spielbar

I’m not 100% certain yet wether i’ve got time, but it’s 99% sure i can manage :smiley:
plan is for me to be there starting around ~18:00ish in case anybody needs any help

game should start sometime between 19:00 and 20:100:
once again i can have up to 7 players (and need a minimum of 3 players) to stay adventurer league legal

adventure will be Tier 1 (level 1-4) again, so if you have one and want to play it bring an appropriate AL legal character, otherwise i will have pregens on me as usual, depending on how much time i’ve got there might be a wider selection of full casters this time too

if you plan to come please announce yourself in this thread so we know if we hit the lower (and maybe upper) limits :slight_smile:

Oh, twist my arm. I’m in.

Also not 100% sure yet whether I’ll have time, but looking good.

See you!

I´m looking forward to join the party. :slight_smile:

I´m interested in the session on friday and would bring a legal Char of my own.
Just gotta check where i could park with my car, since I come from outside of vienna. Gonan keep you posted :slight_smile:

there usually are a couple of free spots close by, but it’s limited time parking until 22:00 (i do electronic parking tickets from when i arrive and refresh every 2 hours until it’s 22:00)

I’d love to join!
Have been playing DnD for a while, but never tried any AL stuff.
Will look into creating an AL legal character :slight_smile:

I think I will manage to be there : )

Is it going to be a continuation of the adventure that you started with the first session a couple of weeks ago?

I’m thinking if I should stick with my char or bring a “proper” one ^^

yes it will be the last part of that adventure

I’ll be there.

Hello everyone. I´m sorry to tell you, that I can´t make it on friday. there´s too much work left that needs to be done :frowning:

What about an utter n00b with a plethera of enthusiasm😁? I have experience in text RPs but not in DnD. Maybe there is something i could get aquainted before coming?

Noobs are welcome, as usual i try to be there an hour early

I try to be there tonigth as the seventh player (I might drop in around 19:00).
Probably I won’t have time to create a character today, so I would prefer one of @Tersidian 's pre-gen characters.

Just because you said you’re not certain you’ll have time, this is on, yes?

See you later!

I’ll be a few minutes late, guys (late at work), but I’m coming (will be there around 19:15).

i’ve enjoyed myself, contraluations on completing “a city on the edge”

I also enjoyed myself :smiley:

My character is somehow accumulating a history of fumbled sleep spells - I think they never worked out the way I hoped they would so far ^^

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