Adventurer League Date(s)


seeing as quite a lot of people would like to play DnD 5E Adventurer League, I’m thinking about making it a semi regular thing, but not on thursday, so i don’t keep stealing away so many people from enjoying all those other awesome games we used to play on thursdays.

I’m thinking off making it a friday thing, not starting this friday, but probably next week’s friday. If there are other DMs that have time we could try to get more than 1 table running even,

We’ll still do the same thing as we do with thursday meetups, so i’ll open a topic as soon as i’m sure i’ve got time for it. I also talked with the guys at spielbar today and i should be able to arrange for a table up front for this thing, so maybe we won’t melt as badly as it felt today :smiley:

and as usual I’m glad for any and all feedback. (including but please not limited to, the inevitable: “you’ve lost your mind” or “you suck”)

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You’ve lost your mind! Also, you suck. :slight_smile:

But honestly, I’d prefer the AL on Friday. That way I get sufficient sleep for work. The only problem might be that I want to join a regular weekend campaign sooner or later, raising scheduling issues and such.

I’d just play it by ear. Nothing wrong with playing on Thursdays if everybody there is up for the game or there are other tables to choose from.

Thanks for the game!

Hello everyone. I know a little bit about dnd 5e and would like to try the adventures league out.
Is there still space for me and if yes, when would you usually start the session?

Greetings Discarvio

This will be just like the thursday meet ups, so an open table, whoever plans to dm will open a thread for it, including when they plan to start (but i’d assume starting time will be similar to the thursday meetups, so between 19:00 and 20:00)

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