Adventure League Friday @Spielbar

Hello everyone,

This Friday I will DM another round of D&D at Spielbar. We are not sure if there will be another DM this week. I can DM for up to 7 players. I will be at Spielbar at 18 o’clock in case someone has any questions and I plan to start at 19 o’clock. One of my friends is probably also coming to play.

Please post here if you want to play or DM. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Id play fo sho

So, until yesterday evening I did not think that I would be able to DM due to a severe cold (arriving perfectly on time with the first autumn days ^^). But I’m feeling much better today, so if there is any overflow from Toni’s table, I will take you guys on an investigatory hunt for a scroll thief in Phlan, where you might find more than you bargained for…

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I would love to join again! I had blast last week. Thanks again @SheVa for doing such a terrific job and clarifying the rewards afterwards!
I wish you a speedy recovery!

Would love to join again this week

I’ll join and bring a +1

will be there

Oh yeah, I had a lot of fun last time, too!
Thank you @SheVa !!!
As it turns out I’m a true pacifist with the longsword. :rofl:
I’d love to try and at least poke something the next time.
So I’ll be there on Friday and join whichever party needs another player. :wink:

I’ll be there as well again but I’ll probably join you guys a little later. The earliest I could manage is 1920 however it might as well be 2000 o’clock.

Can’t make it today after all. Sorry guys.

Hey, I have a bit of DnD experience, but am new to AL and would like to join today.
Beside dice and a pencile, is there something I should bring with me (does a standard DnD5 char sheet work for character creation?)?

That should be okay. We will take a look at the character and check if it is AL legal. Worst case, we have a few pregens to chose from and you can amend the character later. (AL allows to change basically everything about your char except the name until the char reaches lvl 5.

Rule is PHB+1.

Yeah, character sheet, dice, pen - that’s really all you need! (and all those things are usually also available, in case you forget something ^^)

The rules for character creation for AL are: point-buy, PHB +1 (meaning you can only use the options in the PHB +1 other book with player options), and you always start at 0 XP (level 1), no races with flight at level 1.

Specifics are in this document (but you don’t really need to read that):

EDIT: @Toni was a split second faster :stuck_out_tongue:

After a hiatus if a few weeks, I think I’ll finally manage to come by again. See you at 19:00

Thanks a lot for the session, it was a lot of fun and very interesting to have a session that didn’t have any (real) combat encounters… Also happy that all of those unfortunate “mishaps” where resolved by our Emerald Conclave Contact. Ehem.

Yeah it was an unusual adventure and you guys filled it with great ideas and humour.

Concerning the Emerald Enclave, the contact knew that this thing would have killed a lot more than two people and the first victim was responsible for the whole event. Many more lives have been saved and those were necessary sacrifices for the greater good.

Also when he wanted to pick up your tab, the owner said it’s on the house, because you guys freed them from the tyranny of the self proclaimed “food critic” who was an unpleasant person that demanded free food for good reviews in his “book log” or blog as he called it.

His half a dozen dedicated readers thou will be very sad and will hold a memorial once a year, which your characters will never know about.

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