Adventure League Achievements

Congrats @mulog for the first TPK we had since we started AL here at rpgvienna :slight_smile:


I think you have the first blood achivement tho.

maybe, but i’m not sure

I drew first blood on 26.10.18. What about you? :smirk:

Other possible achievements/milestones/collectibles:

  • 5, 10, 15, … times DM (I have 10 since yesterday)
  • How many times you killed @Tersidian (I have 2 know)

For players:

  • First character to reach level 10

i’ve DMd (at least) 15 times during the current season, can’t find my DM logs from before september 2018 at the moment (not really searched much yet) and my first kill was during season 7, so definitly before you, i know that nobody died during Simon’s first AL session (maybe during his second, but not sure wether that was before or after mine) and i’m not sure if Toni might have killed someone during season 7, or maybe Sheva … but that’s it with DMs i think, might even be that Toni and Sheva both started DMing during season 8, because both of them where there for my “DM Workshop for Season 8” and i think they only started DMing AL after that
so yeah looks like i might have the “First Blood Achievement” well in hand, and probably the “Most Sessions DMd” title for now :smiley: (i did at least 5 during season 7, so i’ve got a total of 20+)

I would have been very surprised if you didn’t have the most sessions and first blood :wink:

My rouge is already lvl 10 since 6weeks :yum: i just wait for others to catch up

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btw i nominate Waboo for most epic Tortle :stuck_out_tongue:


The shade was thrown:]

Well, we went down bravely…put up a good fight. Thinking back, erhm more soberly, we could have done things differently to postopone the confrontation if not avoid :))

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pah avoiding is for sober people!


Oh btw. You also have the achievement of most PCs died. (3 if im not mistaken)

just shows i’m too nice and need to kill you … erm i mean players … more often :smiley:

Not biased at all :sweat_smile:

I killed @Tersidian in my very first session as a DM and last Friday the TPK were 3 again (including him). So 4 total in fact :wink:

To be completely honest I am not super proud of it. It was rather funny how it happened but in general it is not something I would strive for… For me DMing is creating a story together with the players, rather than playing against them. But they should feel challenged of course. Balance, balance, balance…
The last standing enemy had 5 HP left so the balance was not too far off…

There should be an achievement for the first one to kill @Resil however.

Ill neva die!!!:grin:

i’m pretty sure @Resil meant i as a player died 3 times already and probably am in the lead with that number :smiley: (considering i’m probably one of the regulars with the least amount of played sessions, it is rather impressive :D)


Ah, I see!
You should be leading in total deaths and in deaths per session.

I lead in most familliars killed under my care. I miss my mister cthulu owl… :(((