Today, I convinced representatives of an international corporation that RPG Vienna is a social media hub on par with Twitter and Instagram in importance.

What did you accomplish today?



Nomination for a medal on the way

What do you mean, you “convinced” them? You make it sound as if it was not true?

OK, let me amend that:

“I convenced representatives of an international corporation and SheVa that …” :slight_smile:

I’ve successfully accomplished convincing someone from a big social media hub to be a representative of an international Corporation. Hah, that sucker! But his site sounds really cool though, i really gotta see what it’s all about.

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I like it. Better scenario hook than half the stuff I’ve run …

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To be fair most of the stuff you run ends in death and/or insanity.

or in a native village

Pffft. Staircase:D

I think you mean upstairs Hallway

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Gotta love the classics!