About me and my quest

Hi there,
I’m native to Austria, but not to Vienna, as I moved here from Klagenfurt some 16 years – wow, was that really that long? - ago. I started gaming as a youngster and, after being not overall satisfied with the most systems I tried, set up my own gaming system, which was and is continually undergoing imporvements, but I’m quite happy with it and I think most of the things are pretty quick and easy to learn.

My actual group is just now about to split up, which makes me very unhappy and I started looking around for people, who share my passion and just stumbled into this forum, being somewhat astonished that there is an english speaking community in Vienna. Acutally I never joined an english group before and I might lack some of the special vocabulary, but I think it shouln’t be a problem after all.

So, here I am, a game master with a ready-to-play, selfmade gaming system, lacking people to play with. Therefore I started a holy quest: not to give up my search, until I found people, I can tell my stories, people I can send into dangerous dungeons, onto missions, most unlikely to be mastered, people to travel the lands I created and people, who rise to challenges with riddles and beasts unheard of.

Ok, that was maybe a little bit too pathetic, but I think you understood, what I want to say. If here’s anyone around, who is looking for a gaming group in Vienna, I’d be happy if you send me a message, or if you have any more questions about me, the game, the world, the system, or anything else, just feel free to ask.
see you

He Gery, welcome.

I am sure you’ll find players for your group. I myself can, sadly, not join as I have my hands full as it is. Although I’d be delighted to sit down for a one shot to try your system one of these days…

Hello Gery and welcome to the forum!

A bit more info about the game you created would be grand.
Is it fantasy or sci/fi? Steampunk? Horror? some combination?

Is it rules heavy? or the opposite?

Tell us about your character game!

Hello Simon, hello Frazzlerunning,
thanks for the welcome!

You asked about more information about my game, well, in fact I was just copying things I found good in other roleplaying systems and put them together into one, adjusting values and writing the stuff down. Actually the setting I prefer, is a fantasy setting, maybe a little low fantasy, closer to a dark medievial world, than to an elves-are-so-beautiful-and-dwarfes-so-cuddly fantasy world. Anyway, my fantasy world is set in the age of mankind, neither elves nor dwarfes have been seen yet – although there are these legends… Creating my campaigns I often have the world of Asoiaf in mind, or the stories of Joe Abercrombie, whom I find brilliant.

The setting I mastered before was a modern postapocalyptic world, where I took plenty of ideas from the german Degenesis system. The gaming system itself can easily be adjusted to any background world, but these two mentioned settings are the ones, where I think, I can transport a proper atmosphere into the game and to the players.

Just at the moment, I’d prefer to do the fantasy thing, but if I find a group for the other one, I could also master that one, after a few days of adjusting the core rules.

When mastering a game, I try to create atmosphere and to get the story running and do not focus very much on rules, although there are of course lots of, but a lot of things related to rules are already covered by the character generation (which is admittedly most probably the most complex part of the game), so during the sessions I can fully concentrate to get the story done and I’d rather declare the outcome of a certain situation spontaneously, than to consult the rules first to look it up and to get the game stuck.
Anyway, as far as I’ve seen until now, nobody complained about too complex or too many rules, I think its easily learned, even suitably for newbies, who haven’t played roleplaying games before.

If you have any more detailed questions, I’ll be happy to give the answers – I could talk about my system for hours…