A whole new DnD campaign party - looking for DM and players

Hi ! I would love to create together with some adventurers a whole new group to start and play a DnD campaign. I am appealing here to players and a DM. Would be great if we could meet up somewhere in Vienna so I am also open to all suggestions.

Also regarding the campaign and rules I am flexible I would just love to create a new group to play together :slight_smile:

My partner and I are actually looking for a group to play in as well, so we would be on board if thats ok ^^.

Mane, a guy i met in the discord server and i would like to join :slight_smile:
Ehat would your maximum party count be?

Nice it seems we are allready 5 people ^^ does anyone want to DM or have experience? (I am lexis partner)

Hey, as JomoHunter said, I am/we are looking for players. Shaman stopped replying to my PM’s but if you are interested, hit me up, I’m gonna set up something :slight_smile: I will be dm’ing so don’t worry about that

I’d join as player or dm. Feel free to dm me in that regard.

Would be interested too!

So that would make 6 Players? Sounds like a good amount.
Wanna exchange discord tags for easier communication? :grin:

Mine is Shaman#2983


Hey, don’t know if I’m too late for this but do you guys have an open spot left for me? I’ll be moving to Vienna for an internship and I’m looking for a new group to join! :hugs:

Sure! Send me your discord handle via pm and I’ll add you to the group :slight_smile:

Great, my discord is the same as my username here, Sam_Ships#2257

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