A Thursday night campaign?

Who’s up for a campaign?

It’s been a while since we’ve had something resembling a campaign on Thursday nights. Time to give it another shot?

What I have in mind isn’t precisely a campaign in the traditional sense (one reason being the off-the-charts challenge rating of getting the same group of people to the table for more than one session); instead, it would be closer to an anthology, an interlocking series of one-shots with a rotating cast and players coming and going as they choose.

Two ideas spring to mind:

An old school fantasy game focused on exploration, probably using one of the older versions of D&D*. Sword and sorcery stuff. Search the unknown. Brave danger. Discover treasure. Die horribly.

A city-based fantasy game, heavy on social interaction and player-driven metaplot, using the famous TBDRPG system. Explore the city. Forge alliances. Uncover hidden agendas. Move to the suburbs.

Thoughts? Anyone interested?

See you tonight!

  • Or Rolemaster, if Alrik joins.

Sounds good - I like the rotating cast idea!

Before you get too enthusiastic, allow me to clarify what I meant by “rotating cast”:

(In an old school game, Python references are de rigueur.)

I would definitely be interested in that!

Either one sounds interesting. I love me some sword and sorcery but maybe an urban setting would work better with irregulars, assuming that some dungeons may need more than one session to complete.

By the way, I’ll be there next week after all. :slight_smile:

I liked your idea of an ongoing campaign with ‘rotating’ cast already when you told me about it some time back, so I’m in either way. :slight_smile:

As said, that sounds fun!

Heh. Trust Kay to hit on the weak spot of this plan right away.

This is probably always going to be an issue. I have a couple ideas for this (not all of which involve killing all of the characters at midnight), but in the end, I think we’ll all simply have to buy into time being measured in episodes (kind of like the Enterprise moves at the speed of plot).

Any further thoughts or suggestions?

A “campaign” with a rolling cast sounds fun - I’ll happily join (either setting is good for me)

I would definitely be interested to join :slight_smile:

A-ha! Very interesting!
I would really gladly jump in on the fun, especially with the rotating-cast spin on the TBDRPG idea.
Especially since my thursdays have recently been pretty hard to tackle, between great amounts of overtime and the alarm clock that rings way too early in the morning…
But for what it’s worth, count me in!

Edit: Uh! I forgot to ask: concerning the TBDRPG idea, what would the setting be? Still high fantasy, medieval - or modern, contemporary… or paleolithic (would be pretty rad)

Told you already I’m in.

Sorry, probably should have been clearer. This would be a pseudo-medieval setting. I’d probably call it low fantasy rather than high, though (not that those terms really mean anything since everyone has their own everchanging definitions), at least initially.

That’s another aspect about the anthology format that might be fun: you can easily shift between subgenres from session to session.

Goes exploring an abandoned church “A bottomless cellar? How intriguing!” SUDDENLY CTHULHU

Spoiler tags, man. Spoiler tags. :smiley:

Goes exploring an abandoned church
“A bottomless cellar? How intriguing!”