A super-secret project I've been working on... (Cthulhu)

So this Summer I decided to get my head out my arse and really get stuck in to a programming language. I’ve always dabbled with programming languages in the past and never really got anywhere with them. So, I decided on C# and got to work.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a freeware Call of Cthulhu Character Generator. It’s called “CTHULHU! CHARGE!(nerator)” :mrgreen: and it’s nearly finished.

Here’s some screenies…

ok, that is AWESOME, and when you get it running, let me know. The one part I didn’t like about GM’ing the one-shot CoC was generating characters, and I took as many shortcuts finding pre-gen’d ones that I could.


Stunning work Neil!
Keep us updated, I would love to try this out on some of my PCs and NPCs.
And I know at least a good dozen of people on the german cthulhu board who could use something like that.

@Siobhan: Was this your first CoC One-shot? I guess most people would agree, that it is a breeze to roll up a Coc Char in a few minutes (if you already have a backstory in mind).
You can create a whole family of investigators in the time it takes to make a Dark Heresy/Deathwatch guy. :wink:

It was my first time GM’ing ever. It was the backstory for each, the profession, that annoyed me. I spend a lot of time thinking about my backstories when I make a char, even when I played CoC (and we had a rule to not spend more than 15 minutes per character, since so few of them lasted more than 3-4 sessions).