A slow awakening! @1070


V.A.L.U.E Rules for creating a character

Item unlocks and tcp costs

Meeting place is Cafe Zehnziebzig at 19:00

Hey people, hope you are doing fine :slight_smile:

With most restrictions lifted, especially the 4 people limitation in gastronomy I’d feel comfortable running a oneshot again.

I would prefer to start it slow with some t1 but if a lot of people from different tiers come I can adapt.

Announce yourself if you want to play or DM

I would like to play, can play tier 1, 2 or 3 :slight_smile:

Heyo! FYI, the back gaming room has been basically unused the last 4 months and is waiting for you all :wink:



Is it possible to sit outside @Cafe Zehnziebzig?
or is everything indoors?

We play indoors but I think you can sit outside too

Alright. Looking at my post. 78 Views. 3 clicks on the Item unlocks and 1 click on the rules draft. Looks like a lot of people are still lurking. I will do it like last time and say:
If I don’t get more than 3 players before tonight I won’t bother prepping

I would give it a go with a lvl3 PC.
You could pull it of with 3 PC’s… just an idea

I’m sorry. I got work and stuff to do aswell and I only got 2 players who actually said that they would be coming. So I am afraid it is not happening

No worries, till next time

Next week I will be available… and I can also DM when needed.


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