A Simple Introduction

Hi there!

I’m moving to Vienna this fall and would love to find some new DnD/RPG groups to play with.

I go by Frogemiah online, I only share my real name in person, sorry! I am 19 years old and have been actively playing and occasionally DM-ing for about five years.

My most played classes are Artificer and Bard.

I’ve played a lot of DnD, Fate Turbo and Numenara, but there’s always space for different systems.

Outside of my RPG career, I’m an absolute nerd for literature of all kinds, I do digital art and am a proud cat owner of three delightful tabby cats. :cat2:

I sure hope that we can get along, and hopefully I can join for a round soon! Maybe share your favourite class to play and why? :cloud:

Thanks in advance!

Guess the easiest way would be the weekly sessions in Cafe 1070, V.A.L.U.E. in the title is a good hint.
Mostly gravitating to Spellcasters, Artificer or ranged builds - but that’s subject to deviation as appropriate.

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Have thought about that! Expect me soon-ish.

Also Spellcasters/Artificers do make up a genuinely nice gameplay experience so go go! Up to playstyle though… :slight_smile: