A new DM looking for a homebrew group

Hi! My name is Paul and I frequent the fridays AL meetups. Im looking for a friendly group to play DnD on a regular, weekly, or Bi-weekly basis. Im a chill person, and most of all I want to tell a story with you guys and have a lot of fun in the process. I’m looking for 4-6 players, that are ready to commit to a campain. I would like to have session 0 and maybe an introductory quest this weekend, saturday is the best. Ill introduce you to the setting and will help you in creating the characters. The session zero would be at Spielbar though the latter ones we could switch to a differnt location, where it would be more quiet and less crouded.

I’ll be glad to read your questions and suggestions.
Thank you very much for concideration.

I would be quite interrested but am not fully sure I can make it this weekend. I will try my best though. Also I’m alredy quite well versed in 5e so I could just do the char myself and just do a short talkthrough on the next meetup after this weekend. ^^

Is that gonna be the ‘theme’? :grin:

Yup. Somewhat classic save the world, high fantasy setting, but with twists in the overall plot progression.

I’m interested in such campaign, so I’ll try to be on Saturday or any other convenient for other participants day.

Hello, I would like to join a regularly playing group in Vienna, but unfortunatly I am not in the City this weekend. I would, however, have time next weekend (and all the following weekends) to join in. Would it be possible for me to create a character on my own (I could send it to you for a quick check, if it fits into the group and campaign) and join in the second session? I wouldn´t call myself a veteran player, but I´ve been playing 5e for a couple of years now and created more than a handful of characters.

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Of course you are welcome, lets discuss the details in PM.

Ok Guys. For session zero come to Spielbar around 17:00-17:30 on Saturday.


One more player would be apreciated.

Just a heads up. Still looking for 1 or 2 regulars for the campaign.

Hello everyone,
I would be interested, but I have no practical experience with DnD.
If would still be willing to take me that would be awesome.
What edition are you using?

I would like to join if possible. I’m a comp
lete Newcomer/noobie but i would love to try it out and to comit to a lomg campaign

Hey, I’m also completely new to d&d but would love to find a group that meets weekly or bi-weekly. So if there’s still space at the table I would love to come.

Hey there, are you still looking for players? 2 players here, we have been playing for a couple years now and looking for a regular game :slight_smile:

So we have two vacancies open. Its easy to get into the story now, because we are starting a new storyarc.

Hey, I recently got in to d&d and I am enjoying the game, even though I haven’t played any games yet. I would love to get in to party of people and start playing if you still have room left.