A new bout of gaming

Hey guys,

GodKingTom, Lord of Awesome here. I would use my full title but that would take up half of the post.

Anywho I’ve spoken with Neil, thank you Neil, and he has given me to permission to advertise on the website about my roleplaying sessions. I will be running games on a weekly basis similar to the Thursday gaming sessions but with a constant adventure, same characters, same world, same bad people and so on for, as a standard, 5 or 6 sessions or when the campaign is over.
The time and day will change weekly as I have shift work and my availability changes weekly. Annoying, I know I have to live with it. I will try my best to localize to three days, Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday.
The location is as central as it gets. The Starbucks on Kärtnerstraße is near 4 of the U-Bahn lines, multiple trams and buses. Also the Starbucks is sizable with couches, none of this plastic chair crap. Only the best for your behinds.
I do not expect any form of dedication from anyone. Like Thursday come when the week permits for you and if you’re interested. I’m looking for a rough estimation of interested people so a heads up here would be nice.
One final thing. So far I have three Newbies interested so if you’re a Newb yourself and looking for a chance to make the silly mistakes and get some experience you won’t be the only one. Veteran players are also welcome.

Okay about the game! This week it will be on Sunday the 10th at 6pm. I will be running M&Ms, Mutants and Masterminds. It’s a superhero game kicking some serious Supervillain arse. I will have pre-generated characters or if you wish to make your own your welcome just pm me and I will give you the details. ALSO if you do make your own character and participate it will become property of the game, thus it will be added to the pre-generated pile and if you are not attending a later session the character will be available to others to play as. If you are there you will have the priority. The reason for this is so I don’t have hundreds of one time heroes but rather a game consistent main characters.

Thanks guys and feel free to leave an opinion as well.

I would be interested.
I have been interested in M&M for a while, and I tried DMing a game a few months ago.
I’d be interested in giving the game another try…

I’d like to make my own character, though. Can you Gove more info about the style and setting of the game?

Howevet. The 10 is a no go for me. I will jou. The next game…

I love this idea!

However, not so sold on the

I could more readily commit to something monthly or bi-weekly

I get that you

but for me, if I’m joining a short campaign like you describe, I’d like to be able to be there for at least most of the sessions :wink:

I like the idea of the character-sharing concept (where the character is property of the game, and so not bound [too strictly] to any given player! That should be interesting to watch, and may just allow a campaign like this to go much more smoothly, even in spite of occassional absences and the like…

Finally, Superheroes Games aren’t exactly my cup of tea… but I’ve played M&M before and had fun doing it.

Generally, looking forward to joining this at some time or another! :slight_smile:

I’d be interested as well but I’m also not sure when it comes to the weekly basis.
Like Auburney I’d like to at least be there for the better part of the campaign and I’m not sure whether this would work with a weekly game.
Unfortunately I won’t have time today so I’ll be missing the first session but would very much like to join in in another one.

As an aside, for me too, a looser schedule would be a better fit.

I started looking into making a character, but my initial concept, a body jumping telepathic parasite, does not seem to mesh very well with the M&M rules…

Awesome idea! :smiley:

Not really compatible with the system, unfortunately.

It has mind control, but nothing to make me have to leave the first body behind.
More seriously, I wanted the parasites to absorb the knowledge and skills of its new host,: we are attacked by ninjas! Let me leave the old professor that got us through all these doors and get me some fighting skills instead!

But I don’t see any power that give you extra new skills…

What other characters is there? Maybe I could try to go for something to “complete the party”?

I have taken into account everything you’ve all said and will think about how to adaptive this to best accommodate everyone and let everyone in a post tomorrow afternoon.

As for this Simon, yes it sounds awesome and it certainly is possible. I will send you the details of how when I have some time, probably tomorrow arvo.