A Map I made, using Gimp

Recently I started to experiment with Gimp (free programm). I tried to make some maps and though I share one of my better results.


Looks awsome

Excellent job!

Looks quite nice. Is it for your homebrew?

Thanks! No,I made this one just for my own enjoyment.

got a Goatpath so it’s awesome :smiley:

I like the map and love making them!
But if you want some input try drawing simple triangles for mountains - I find that a bit tidious at the beginning, but you will see it works out, or just use the brush tool in Gimp and change it for a Mountain with different sizes :wink:
Also a slightly greyer tone for the lines you used for the landmasses would work nice for snowy and green terrain.
And if I sound like criticizing you I am really sry, I don’t mean to, I just get exciting when it comes to maps :wink:

Here a Map I am working on currently (not finished).

sry for the bad image quality … will be fixed if I find time

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Beautiful. Teach us master! And great choice on the Skyrim icons!

Thanks for the advice @BerndiSterndi.
I agree that my mountains could use some improvement. I might try your technique, becauce it looks very nice.

Great stuff! These look better than half the published fantasy maps you see …

If we’re critiquing, might be worth adding a couple tributaries to the top map. Easy thing to do, and instantly adds a whole lot of realism.

Love how the bottom map seems to make geophysical sense. If anything, I’d question the lack of major population centers on some of those megadeltas.

In any case, these are neat!

If you’re making maps I would recommend incarnate. It’s a programm you can use for free to make maps. It’s quite easy and looks fine.

This one was made with incarnate forgot to rotate it before uploading tho. XD


Good maps. On my search for maps I could use to run a campaign, I stumbled on this community:

I think that is a great place to post maps and get inspiration and hints from professionals, waited for a chance to write about them cause there are some pretty maps there.

Some truth in the deltas - point well taken.
But as said its work in progress. I try to be somewhat geographcaly, climaticaly and tectonicaly consistant, but its fiction and fantasy in the end so there will always be some bends to make it work :wink:

I really like the trees on incarnate - the main thing I am not happy with my hand drawn maps - they should look good they take years to do