A Group searching for a DM 5e

Hello there!
We are currently a group of 7 people that would like to have a DM join us. We already have had a group where 2 of us switched being a DM. Because our 2 DMs would also like to play together we are now here searching for a kind DM to adopt us. We would play with new Characters that each of us already created and wrote the Backstory to. It would be nice to have a DM that would make a campaign where they build in our characters Backstory well. We are also open to Homebrew stuff which of course isn’t a must.

A side Information is that we are all students from the age of 16 -18 and we would categorize ourselfs as “beginners”.We are also artists so please be prepared to get a lot of stuff drawn from us (like our characters, scenes that happened in the game and memes about our characters and other).
Because our school takes a lot of time from us we would like to play at least once a month starting from September.

Before we start playing we would like to have a meet up to see if the chemistry works between all of us
because we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Thanks again


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If it were any other game than 5e D&D which I just don’t know much at all about I’d be into it, including D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder (aka DnD 3.95) but also including a plethora of other systems as well. If you have any interest contact me, the system I run (the Cypher System) can be learned (easily) in session zero which (deeeeeeeply) includes backstorying the individuals into the kinds of part they like best any are most comfortable with.


Full disclosure, because chemistry is important to me as well, I’m a dinosaur. I’ve been running D&D and games like it since before even true original D&D was a game, I was a real red boy man, started in 1974 when I was 12. Yep, that old.

Hey, I’ve been DM’ing 5e for 2+ years now as well as DSA and other TTRPG’s!
I would be open to try my best with y’all, but I have 3 questions.
In what language would you play?
Do you already have a place for so many players?
And how did it work out with so many people until now? I have never played with so many PC’s, because of a couple of reasons. Mainly that there is not enough spotlight for everyone else and not everyone gets to do the stuff they really want.
looking forward to an answer! :slight_smile:

Hello John!

Thank you for your response. Sadly we already created our Characters with the 5e Playershandbook and many of us would prefer to play 5e d&d. Sadly we must decline your offer but still thank you for replying to our post!


Hello there Simeon!

Thank you for your response! To answer your questions

  1. We would play at my Apartment or at a place called Spielbar.
  2. We either would play in english or german, what you prefer.
  3. It actually went well till now and we even have been more players before (9 in total).

So I hope that this would answer all your questions. We also have some questions for you.
We would like to know your age and if you expect to be paid by us. (we are students so we can’t really offer you that).
We are looking forward to your reply!
Thanks again,

moved this to pm’s! :slightly_smiling_face:

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