A Dane in Vienna looking for people to play D&D with

Hello everyone!

My name is Mathias, I am 26 years old, and I have recently moved to Vienna from Aarhus, Denmark.

Tabletop roleplaying (along with board games) has been one of my favorite hobbies for more than 10 years now. I mostly have experience with 5e D&D, both as a DM and player (although it’s been a while since I have been able to just be a player).

I am looking for someone to play with again, preferably as a player. I am thinking maybe once per week or once every other week. Since I am working full time, my best chances would be in the evenings.

I am open to joining existing groups or starting up something completely new. So please let me know if you are looking for a new player!

If you want to start a new campaign I could run most of the “official” 5e campaigns or something from the older editions…


I’ve mostly DMed and never had the chance to be a pure player in 5e either - if you feel like forming a group, I’d be happy to take part, ideally as a player since I’m already DMing a “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” campaign via roll20 :slight_smile:

Every 2 weeks or so in the evening would be ideal as well for me ^^
(29 years old, 9th district, can host if required, I got a table that can snugly seat 6 though it might be a tad cool in the winter months).


Hi all! If you are still looking I’d love to join a (preferably bi-weekly) game! :slight_smile: I would join as a player, but could also run a module, but it seems like there already is a DM :smile: hit me up if you guys are interested


Hi Alex and @Lux_Tenebraeque !

I would absolutely be open to starting a new group.

Are you interested in DMing, @Lux_Tenebraeque?

In that case we are already well on our way to a party. :tada:

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Hey @mane! You got your message in just as I was writing below, but I definitely think you can join if we can get all of our schedules to align.

@Alex39, @mane and @Lux_Tenebraeque, maybe we should take this to another platform to find out the details? Do you use Discord, Messenger, WhatsApp, or anything like it?

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-Redacted- on Discord if everyone else has it (I would suggest copypasting it, the non-negotiable octopus sometimes throws off the search)e


Robert Martinu#3653 on discord would be an option


I’ve got a discord group with the other 2 ready to go if you want to add me or post your ID :slight_smile: @Kofoed-Ottesen


Hi - yeah sorry about the slow response, got a little busy!

My id is kofoed-ottesen#5905.

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Hey guys, if you have another spot I would be happy to join.
I am 27 years old and have never really played but I would be excited to get started, so if you have no problem with a beginner hit me up: Florry#7561 :slight_smile:

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Hey! I would be interested too. I have been playing for about two years now. If you guys still have a spot open feel free to add me on discord. @Bachmut#6616

hello Mat. I have also recently moved to Vienna (27m) and I do check for any groups.

Hey all! I am also looking for a party to start playing, as I have been wanting to do it but could not find any friends interested. Do you guys still have an open spot?