7th Sea Campaign?

Why go to the beach when you can take to the seas?

With all the D&D campaigns going on, how about something different? If you’re interested in a world of piracy and treasure, of iffy use of nautical terms and saying arrr a lot, just let me know.

The sea awaits …


I would absolutely be up for that! Now that things have settled down at home and I’ll be out more often, I’d love to join up for some pirate-y campaign goodness! Only thing is I’ll be out of town until 4 Aug, if I can join in a little late (or if it takes that long to organise folks), count me in!

Arrr, indeed.

I would be tempted - providing I get a parrot (and dependent on free time).

Quick question: I assume you’re going with the 1st edition?

Arrrrrr? Arrrrrr! complete sentence

You know how much I love a good remake, but just this once, yeah, let’s go with the first one.

I take it that’s an arrrrr?

Arrrr! ForumNeedsMoreCharactersSoISacrificeThemToTheSea

Definitely sounds interesting

I would give that a chance. As long as someone else at the table handles my armor class. Because I’m pretty sure that if that’s math, it’s some non-physicists attempting to take the math they use to try to prove string theory and didn’t get it quite right.

So which books would you allow for character creation? Just asking because I got a bunch of the 1ed PDFs from backing the 2ed Kickstarter.

I was thinking of keeping it simple and using only the basic rulebooks, but anything written in blood would also be fine, of course.

What were you thinking of? I’m up for anything.

Just a little from the Nations of Theah: Avalon book. I would like my character to have some ties to the Sidhe if possible

Oops, thought I had answered this already. Apologies.

Basically, use what you like. I’m not going to be terribly concerned with canon, balance, or any of that.

If it’s something that can bite you in the ass like ties to the Sidhe fun, I’m all for it!

Anyway, how about getting this show on the road, er, sea next week? You guys in town?


Always happy to make it easier for you to make things difficult for us! I’m afraid I won’t be back in town until the 4th, I should be able to meet up anytime after that weekend.

I should be there next week…

I’m around all next week. In fact my evenings next week are unusually free.

Sorry, I’ve been sick for the last couple days. Did this start last night at Spielbar? Did I miss it? Is it too late? are we still talking original D&D? Why IS a raven like a writing desk?!

Nope, didn’t start yet, but I’d like to get this going soon. Didn’t miss it, not too late.

Not original D&D, either, although it’s possible that any game I run will be original D&D in spirit.

I’m partial to the “because Poe wrote on both” answer.

Get better.

Ok, then I will repeat the above question from OddlyEd. What rulebook should I find to create a character from? First gen? Pathfinder? Star Wars Saga? Dresden Files?

1st Edition 7th Sea! Here is a link to a bunch of the PDFs.

I am available anytime during the week from the 7th on if you want to start anytime soon @H.