7th Sea Campaign, part II

@H I started a new thread for us, since the old one is locked. So who all is in? And when? The old thread had:


I’m still up for it - no idea about the system but ARRRRRRRR!

I’m posting this here to keep the thread open. NO CLOSING FOR US,

We’re getting close to having all hands on deck - or at least back in the country.

Sorry, forget to post. I’m definitely still in.

After this week, I am also in!

And @Simon comes back from his workcation on, I believe, the 14th. I could be wrong about that. I’d have to check a different thread to be 100% positive, and that sounds like work.

If you still have some space I’ll join in happily. I don’t really know the system either though. :slight_smile:

Keeping this thread open. I’m happy to host, if Spielbar is too loud. Did I say that already? I promise to make food that goes well with gaming.

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