7-10, 19:00 The V.A.L.U.E. of Necromancy

DMs (4):
cat4laugh T1 :cat2:
Darthbinks T3 :fairy:
Semako T1 :beer:
Unsniped T2 :stopwatch:

players (20):
Jackfruitchilly T3 :fairy:
mane T3 :fairy:
PatrickD T3 :fairy:

Martin T2 :stopwatch:
Xerdor T2 :stopwatch:
AutumnLeif T2 :stopwatch:

dangerEn T1
frogemiah T1-T2, hopes to join :cat2:'s T1
joeder T1-T3
loghorn T1-T2
KKevin T1-T3
Shadow T1-T2
Xyathn T1-T2
Elenaaa T1 + brings a T1 friend
Tea007 T1 + brings a T1 friend
Tiero T1 + brings a T1 friend
ladydoomdaddy T1 … also needs help in character creation

orestotel just wanna show up^^ … and that’s not even sure

… see you in the Feywild:

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I will join for @Unsniped´s game :stopwatch:

I’ll be there with T1-4 characters.

Hey! I will be there with a T2 and T3 :grin:

Would love to join the T3 adventure :slight_smile:

If possible, I would also like to join a T1 adventure and bring a friend who is new to DND…

@Arthilas maybe you could dm a T1 adventure?

Yes, I could DM A Most Potent Brew. Would like to do the Death House eventually, but can’t get it ready tomorrow unfortunately.

(@Tiero would you like to join my table then? :smiley: )

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I’d like to join as T1, only played once before :slight_smile:

Oh, and I dont have a character yet, but i got some idea.

will try to come

Last minute reply, I’ll bring a T1 and T2, preferably join cat4laugh’s game?

Would love to join as well, T1 and T2 characters

I will sit this one out. Have fun everyone!

to make a DND character fast

:point_right: go to DNDBeyond

  • register a free account there
  • and build a level 1 character
  • use either point buy or standard array to determine ability scores (never roll them)

(make sure you don’t join the group that plays at the table in the back - since the connection is abysmal there)

have fun :vulcan_salute:

Or just be there a bit earlier, many of us will be there already happy to help you with character creation :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there with Harry :slight_smile:

If it is ok I will join any table if one is free (if not I’ll check in for a beer)

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I really thought I would be better today but after coming home I‘m again really done🙈
So I wont make it today - have fun👌🏼

might be a bit late

yeah i will be in 20 min