5e Unearthed Arcana: PHB Style!

Someone took this…

Put this into it

and ended up with this…

Which is (quite frankly) beautiful!
Here are some screenshots from the PDF

This one is especially for @Thopthes :wink:

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I believe that the tiefling variant made its way into the SCAG…

It’s…it’s beautiful! :joy:

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I often use some homebrew DnD stuff to spice up the campaigns I run, but I have to admit tis collection is really awesome. Great balanced stuff and awesome made in design! Great job…I am sure some of this stuff will make an appearance in one of my next campaigns or characters :wink:

To be clear, UA is produced by WotC, the same people that wrote D&D.
One of their goal is to playtest material before inclusion in official products

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Gah! Wizards served him a cease and desist :frowning: