5e Online char creation


So I want to make my character in some digital program, cause with my handwriting the sheet becomes a mess. Could you suggest any programming for this sort of thing?


i usually just reprint a character sheet filled out on the pc … :smiley:


If you need a form fillable character sheet for 5e just use the official ones: Link
There are a few different ones, but the basic ones are these: Link
“Character Sheet - Form Fillable.pdf” is the one you probably gonna want :wink:


I like the one from dndbeyond, it makes nice looking sheets and is easy to use.

The disadvantages are:
requires registration(Twitch Account works)
only allows options from the basic rules unless you purchased the books from them or a DM with subscription adds you to their group


I love the automated character sheet by MorePurpleMoreBetter! It automatically completes all sections of the character sheet tied to your selection of character options (ability scores, feats, class choices, race features, etc.). It includes all options from all published books as well as all options from Unearthed Arcana, and is continuously updated.

The downside is that you have to become a Patreon for full functionality and all latest updates. It is something like 1 Euro per month.