5e group is looking for one player (full, thank you all)

Hi there,

A group of random people has recently started the 5e campaign “Tyranny of Dragons” and reached level 3. Two of the players found it to be not for them and left, so we are looking for new ones to join in :slight_smile:
We have one candidate pending, so for the second spot I, the DM, am looking for one further player here.

We are playing every second week, on Friday evening, from 7pm to ~10:30pm. It is fine to miss a game then and again - life comes first.
We had our online sessions (Discord/Roll20), yet we are planning to get back to meeting in person again, with 2G+. We either meet in one of our private flats, or in a clubhouse when possible again (WOW/Keepers).
Right now we are 4 players (2f/2m) + 1 DM (m). Our average age is somewhere mid to late 20s.
Gaming is in English, pre/post game smalltalk is in German.
Safety tools are available and in place.

You can decide whether you first want to play a one-shot with us, or already want to jump into the campaign with a fleshed out character.

There’s probably more information with which I & we can win you over - ask away :slight_smile:

edit1: I’m also on the RPG Vienna discord - @dertseha - for any quick exchange.

edit2: Answering some questions that I received meanwhile:
The overarching campaign has to do with dragons, and I intend to splice in some side-quests, as well as character related side-stories. (I’ve done such a thing already).
From the three standard pillars, I prefer more roleplay and adventuring over combat. Combat is still present and featured - yet it’s not a hack-and-slash & grab-the-loot all the time.

Also: The female members of our group have a slight preference for another non-male player, for balance.

Hi I’m antonio and I’m there in vienna from few time, so I only know English… I have already played a small 5e campaign but nothing of advanced I’m still learning how to play, I have searched from when I get there in vienna a group to play with so I hope that there is still place.

Hey there,
my name is Barbara, I’m 26 and I’ve been playing for about 7 years. I am a fan of rp over combat, so that sounds good! Would prefer to already build a full character, and could maybe come by next Friday to see if we’re a good match?

All the best!

(You can also find me on the discord server @Barbara_Adine #1367)

Would love to play a one-shot with you to see if we click. I’ve been a player for one year and then a DM for another. Love all three pillars! Especially roleplay. Big fan of character personal side stories.

I’m 24 (male), a student from Ukraine, been living in Vienna for over 5 years now, fully vaccinated. Volpe#8520 on discord, you can address me as Volpe or Alex, whatever is better for you.


Thank you all for responding - I am (right now) no longer accepting new offers.
Due to several responses (both here and direct messages), I and my group have now the difficulty of selecting one.
I’m in contact with those on the “inner list”, so, if anyone didn’t receive a message with more details, I’m sorry.

However, the bittersweet detail: Because there were so many responses, perhaps a new group could form :slight_smile:

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