47 ronin

I’m planning to go next saturday (at the artis of course). Anyone want’s to join?

I’m interested! I’ll have to see if I can make the time though (work promises cruel things for next weekend)

But yeah, if I can, I totally will.

i’ll get theTickets some time this week, so it would be nice if you knew by thursday 6pm for i’ll Pay them in advance

so far including me we’re three persons :slight_smile:

Okay that’s cool, I’ll certainly be able to tell you by then!

I would be also interested but i also cant tell you today if its possible xD

but thursday is more then enough time to know it for sure

Update: will buy the tickets on friday so you can also tell me thursday :slight_smile:

including you two we’d be 7 \o/

would you prefer going rather somewhat around 6pm or rather more 8pm?

I dont really care

I’ll have to cancel, sadly. Not gonna be in town from Saturday onwards for a few days :frowning:

@Auburney: no Problem
@Rest: i’ll take the earlier Tickets for i was invited to celebrate my 7th anniversary of being officially in vienna afterwards, of course you are invited to join

A little late sorry
But i cant make it