40k (Dark Heresy/Only War) anyone?

Hey Guys, back from a long-ish break from playing, so I might be pretty rusty.
Recently had a craving for a 40k campaign/one-shots (Dark Heresy, Only War,…).
Does anyone have interest?
Would be down for online or irl, depending on potential players scheduleds.

Might also try to show up to one of the Friday sessions, it’s been even longer since I’ve played some classic d&d so we’ll see…

Hit me up!


Honourable mentions to Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Rogue Trader!

if you feel like dming a one shot, might i recommend trieing to do that on one of the thursday open game nights? :slight_smile:

Im up as long as Im playing an Ork

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I’m interested, maybe you could run a game this Thursday Pre-christmas open table game