3D printing minis on request

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3D printing minis

Hey guys, as some of you know I make 3d printed miniatures, terrain and tools for tabletop games.

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If you’re in need of high quality resin miniatures kindly shoot me a message via:

  • Discord: MagicMourni#5641 or
  • Mail: mourni@baerenschwanzel.at - mail subject: “3D-Printing Request…”

What can you print?

  • Miniatures
  • Terrain
  • Props/Magic Items
  • Utilities (Condition markers etc.)

Of course, apart from minis I can also print terrain or utility tools such as dice boxes, dice trays, dice towers or anything of that sort.

I require the STL or 3MF files.

Conversation via Mail/Discord what service you require (free)
Resin Printing, Washing, Support Removal, Post Curing (paid)
Priming (Small bonus fee)

Painting Service on Request

Pricing (Update: 16.05.2023)
The following are rough estimates meant to serve as orientation. Higher complexity prints cost more. Simple prints might come cheaper.

  • 2€ per default normal size monster miniature (kobolds, goblins, wolves etc.)
  • 4€ per standard 28mm adventurer including a free base.
  • Large, Huge and Gargantuan Monsters on request - prices vary greatly.

If you purchase the same miniature model multiple times you will get a discount.
e.g. Buying 20 kobolds might go for 25€ instead of 40€

Keep in mind that prints might cost extra, if I have to do additional print-preparation work, such as placing support structures manually. This usually applies to heroforge minis.

*Pickup / Shipping

You can pick up your minis in 1090 Vienna(U6/U4 Spittelau, U2 Schottentor) or 1210 Floridsdorf (Trainstation).
Alternative I can send them via mail if you cover the cost for packaging and shipping.

Your minis are usually ready for pickup within 2-3 days.

Where can I find models?

You can find models I have acquired merchant licenses for here: Link to Onenote - Work in Progress - Last Update 16.05.2023

Paid models

Free models

Free recommendations

Search Engines

Legal Stuff

You (the client) must have acquired the legal rights to the file / printing the file.
I serve as comissioned service that prints the file in your stead.

I am legally obligated to delete my copy of the file after printing finished. So please make sure keep your files if you want them printed again!

Printers & Materials (read if interested)

I have around 20 printers, of which half are FDM (plastic) and half are resin printers.
Terrain pieces will usually be printed in plastic, and miniatures in resin for higher quality.

I own a single DLP Resin printer in case you need the ultimate quality.

Miniatures will typically be printed using slightly flexibile resins that were designed specifically for miniatures, so they dont break when dropped off a table :slight_smile:

Aboleth. Model by Duncan Shadow Louca (STL via Patreon/purchasable from his shop) Painted by my friend Laszus.



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Wow, I completely miss that one!

Sure, I will probably take you up on that! You know, when the virus is gone…

Great to hear! If you find something you want printed just shoot me a message. I can print it ahead of time. Currently the print ris running near 24/7 anyways.

hi do you still print minis? :slight_smile:

Hey there!
Yes anytime. I even got myself some merchant licenses for some things. I can send you a list soon(ish)

Also thank you for the reminder. I definitely need to update this post.

You can message me via discord MagicMourni#5641 or as always via Mail (mourni@baerenschwanzel.at) or DM here.

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Sounds quite amazing. Do you have a website so I don’t have to look for this post when I decide on minis?

Unfortunately no website or shop yet, but you can refer to the OneNote I posted above for now. It’s still a WIP but I’ll try to fill it within the next 2-3 days. Il’ post an update once its ready.

For the time Id like to mention that I already have commercial licenses for:

Everything from Puzzles and Props Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Everything from here:

I can easily acquire rights for the (nearly) the entire library of…

…on a month to month basis. I alreadz own private production rights for basically all their minis, and just need to upgrade my monthly license to merchant.

I will probably post monthly about what I can currently produce.

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Sweet, post hier if you get website going. Was really waiting since a while for one-stop 3D-printing service.

Contacted you on discord!