3 guys looking for DM or Group


My two friends and I are looking for a new DnD group. Experience level varies from new player to seasoned. We can play about 2 times a month. For further questions just ask!

Cheers Gabriel

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Welcome! A good way to get to meet folk is to turn up to the Friday or Saturday open table sessions - just say you’re going to come on the relevant thread here on the forum.

Often folk make contact and then spin out separate groups from there.

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I am currently in search for a new party too. I also have some experience in being a dm. You got any ideas/wishes what you want to play setting-wise?

We are 2 looking for a group also, we are kind of newbies, but I run one campaign as DM and one as player. My friend just as a player. But we’re very interested in something regular, better weekly but we can adapt

yoo allright yeah we could figure something out for sure. situation has changed a bit and we would be 4 people now instead of three, and after a bit of discussion we want to play as players and not as dms because we most of us have too little experience with dming

well about planning for sessions: i would be down for weekly. but i am certain that all of my firends cant do weekly. ones not from vienna and the other two have responsibilities on weekends where they also are not in vienna. But every two weeks is possible for all of us

that said: any playsetting is fin with us. we just want to know what books are allowed. we all have fleshed out characters ready to go. maybe with a bit of tweaking for the new setting but basically done.

I’m asking this because the last guy we wanted to start a campaign with said all is ok and then he basically said that our characters are not fit for his campaign.

I also got a 3d printer at home so if you guys want any minis done i can provide that as well :smiley:

If you guys are down we can start something we would be super excited! you can also get my phone number (via dm of course) if you would like to do this :smiley:

so a few questions:

which books are allowed for character creation?

do you guys have already a campaign running?

do you want something new?

selfmade campaign or official material?

do you use any digital sheets or old school pen and paper?

what alignment do you prefere for the campaign? (our characters are 2x chaotic neutral, chaotic good and lawful good)

My last Dnd campaign which is still running with 4 people, I am DMing, so I rather go to player this time than DM if you guys don’t mind. I could do DM for next campaigns, I don’t care, I just one to have a break of DMing.

I have the basic PH, DMG and the MM, but I am a willing to play a changeling, which is in the Eberron’s book I think.

My preference would be to start a brand new campaign. We might start with something short like 3-4 sessions. To see how we develop together.

About self-made or official, I don’t care so much, everything is fine, but maybe official for starters and then make brewed material for the next one so we know what kind of campaign we enjoy better.

I am more of pen and paper personally.

And finally my alignment is usually more chaotic, but evil or good depends on what class I am playing or what kind of ambience we will play. My friend I think he is more in the good side of the alignment and neutral lawful. But better he talks about himself.

Which days you prefer to meet? So we could schedule a first meeting.

I am going for official bc self-made material can take so long to build, the campaign I am running now is an adapted version of an official one that I am changing following a bit the whims and comments of the players, and even though every session takes hours of preparation, adding monsters and remove some others, adding loots, crates, barrels, chests, with all the items and materials, magic items… it’s quite a lot. So yeah, for the first campaign together we might start an official one and check the vibes.

About the 3D printer, it’s a cool thing! Would be very nice to make the monsters of the session and put them in a board so it gives more versatility!