21.08.2020 V.A.L.U.E. everywhere @1070

Cafe Zehnziebzig , at 19:00. Who will come to play? Who is willing to DM something?
I will most likely be there to DM. Im not entirely sure what I will run, but it will be something. T2 most likely.

I plan to be there,

I have T1-3 characters I can play

I haven’t played in any sessions since at least the start of the corona outbreak. It’s been a while, but if anyone is willing to take me in into their campaign I’d be glad for the invitation. I don’t have a character at hand but I can make a new one in T1 or low T2 (lvl5)

Hi I would come t2 or start a new one if needed


I will be there
have a bunch of loveable T1 / T2 characters
(would strongly prefere to play this time, since I dm-ed in the last two weeks^^)

I would like to come with a T1 character :slight_smile:


I will be there playing t1 or t2 ^^

Will be there to play tier 1/2/3.

I will be there with T1 characters:)

I’d like to join with a friend if it’s alright? Never plsyed dnd before, but eager to learn :slight_smile:

:tada: welcome

I will be there tomorrow a bit earlier (~6:30 pm), if you have questions or need help with character creation

Awesome, we ll be there by 18 30! Can we borrow dice from someone or how does that work?

will be there playing t1/t2/T3

Of course you can borrow dice (most of us have lots of - but still not enough - dice), if you don’t bring your own :wink:

Awesome! Thanks guys

Will come with t1 characters. Sry for short notice.

so we have:

as a DM:

@Resil (DM ~T2)

looks like we’ll need more DMs, I’ll try my best to be there and DM a T1 adventure.

current signups:

  • Resil (DM T2)
  • Samgiblet (T1/2/3)
  • Mexikorn (T1/2)
  • KKevin (T1/2)
  • Darthbinks (T1/2)
  • Alex (T1)
  • Gammageddon (T1/2)
  • Semako (T1/2/3)
  • lopo (T1)
  • Wooly (T1)
  • Wooly+1 (T1)
  • Kenta (T1/2/3)
  • CombatWombat (T1)
  • Tersidian (DM T1)

and 11 motivated players (not counting me):

@Samgiblett (T1)
@Mexikorn (T1-2)
@KKevin (T2)
@Alex (T1)
@Gammageddon (T1-2)
@Arthilas (T1-3)
@lopo (T1)
@Woolly +1 (T1+T1)
@Kenta (T1-3)
@CombatWombat (T1)

… that means I probably have to dm something …
(would make 2 tables with 5/6 players)
I will bringt T1-T2 adventures