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Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

  • Ernest Hemingway

So, to honour the wisdom of a great drunkard, I will follow up on my drunken words and run a nice little one-shot of the obscure, yet lovable, Narnia Role Playing Game on the upcoming some Thursday.

Given that it’s a holiday, we might consider meeting a bit earlier for character creation.

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Not 100% sure I can make it on Thursday, but I’ll put my schedule-fu to work. Definitely want to play Narnia again.

just so you know … the 21st is friday :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed it for you guys.

So you trick me into running a game and then you’re absent? :astonished:

Scornful Lysander… erm… H!

I’m terribly sorry. I completely overbooked this week… Blame Monday’s beer for that.

Would it be possible to postpone this by 2 weeks (I’m out of town next week)??? Would love to play this with you.

haha, and this> Guess who’s back, back again

So, the two men who conspired to make me drunk and say that I would run a game of Narnia are both unavailable?

Well, I guess it shall be postponed then.

In 2 weeks seems unlikely, though. 4th of July sounds like a certain Bostonian might be on some big fat expat barbecue or something.

Will fix the title. :roll_eyes:

So, is Narnia on Thursday a thing this week?

I could make it.


I can get my Narnia on.

I fear Narnia will have to wait another week or two.

Seems like the Gods are done screwing with me and have opted for unscrewing this time. Too bad that particular screw is supposed to keep me (or my bones) from falling apart. So I have to fix that first…quite literally.

Everyone is still coming, though. We’ll just run something else. Dogs in the Vineyard, @Alrik?

With Chylli on th DL, I’ll step in and run a little something tonight. Four people so far - anybody else coming?

See you tonight!

Oh yes: tonight’s game will be Dungeons & Dragons & Dread, a mash-up of the most traditional of all RPGs and one of the most radical.