2 Seats Left! - Spire Drop in/Drop out Season 1 - (2/10) Rob the Vault

Hi RPGers!

Time for part 2 of 10 of my self-contained Spire episodes! Now that the Ministry is in possession of a rare and powerful Gnollish siege gun, it’s time to put it to some good use - by smashing your way into an aelfir vault and stealing their valuables! Nothing makes the nobles squirm like a loss of assets, especially assets that the Ministry could better use!

Let me know if you’re interested! (If you are repeat players from my one-shots, you will be able to add an additional Low Advance to your existing character ahead of the game)

As before, I have attached all the materials needed to create a character from the choice of 15 classes. These characters have resistances (Blood, Mind, Silver, Reputation and Shadow) that can be impacted in the game instead of hit points. You should start with the Spire Characters file first if you would like to create a character, as it gives all the necessary approach directions.

Spire_Characters-compressed.pdf (1.6 MB) Spire_Character Sheet.pdf (338.1 KB) Spire_Blood Witch-compressed.pdf (880.6 KB) Strata_Characters.pdf (753.4 KB) Sin_Characters-compressed.pdf (2.3 MB)

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I will be there, Zid is looking forward to seeing this gun in action…

I won’t be able to join. Work again.

I think this time I will be able to join, midwife back in action?

Definitely! They could’ve done with some of your spiderman skills last time :wink:

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Than I am definitely coming

Please note a small time change to help @Lindt be able to attend! I hope 12:30 works for you @Tea007 and @Nat1

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Thanks for pointing it out, I am still good on time

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