12 Eberron Sidekicks and NPCs!

I don’t know if we have any Eberron aficionados and aficionadas here, but if we do: I made a not-so-little supplement with a dozen sidekicks and NPCs specifically for Eberron!

It is currently rated :star::star::star::star::star: and people have been saying nice things about it:

“This is a truly wonderful Sidekicks supplement […]. The writing is witty and insightful with so much useful information and genuinely funny elements, which had me giggling and grinning as I goggled at the gorgeous use of artwork. […] The sidekicks themselves are diverse, fascinating characters.”— Curse of Sebs

They are split into four different themes:

Eberron Professions

  • The Elemental Pilot is a cocky ace pilot of elemental airships, elemental galleons, or lightning rails.
  • The Wandslinger can blast you out of trouble in no time—or start a bit of mayhem on your behalf.
  • The Magewright is who Khorvaire’s economy is built on, with incredibly diverse areas of expertise.

Eberron Factions

  • The Deneith Sentinel Marshal is the best ally you could hope for trying to capture an elusive target.
  • The Morgrave University Scholar is a bold academic who can assist you with their exceptional expertise.
  • The Zilargo Trust Operative probably gives you that mysterious feeling of always being watched…

Eberron Locations

  • The Xen’drik Archaeologist knows their way around ancient ruins and understands Xen’drik culture.
  • The Demon Wastes Guide can get you through these fiend-infested wastelands with cheerful madness.
  • The Eldeen Reaches Vigilante fights the spread of arcane technology in their unique beast forms.

Pulp Noir

  • The Trouble Magnet never fails to get into trouble—but there are no heroes without someone to rescue!
  • The Licensed Inquisitive can find anyone for you—if the coin is right or the case is interesting enough.
  • The Socialite knows their way around high society and fashion and prepares for a party like for a war

It’s up on DMs Guild now and I included a discount link for your pleasure: https://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?discount=9f3d086261&affiliate_id=1108847

As always: if anyone finds themselves in financial hardship, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your DMs Guild email and I will provide a free complimentary copy to you!


And thus, you’ll summon @Simon

Very cool stuff, love the art and layout especially

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thank you! :smile:

the character art is by Dana Braga, layout is by me ^^