11.27., 14:00, (GMT+02:00) Anyone up for "The Lady Afterwards"?

Hello Everyone,

I would like to run a Game of “The Lady Afterwards” a Call of Chuthulu esque TtRPG set in 1920 Alexandria which just recently released. It is a rp-heavy, combat light game where you investigate the disappearance of a person.
Would be online using Discord and Roll20.
Because I never ran the System I would limit the number of players to 5.
If youre interested please feel free to post a comment!


I would like to join :slight_smile:

would also like to join :octopus:

This looks REALLY interesting. Based on the Cultist Simulator game has me intrigued. Hmmm :thinking:

Totally interested, but can’t swing Saturday, unfortunately. Any chance of an alternate date?


Sounds interesting. I’d like to join.

I sadly can only do saturday this week, but I’m feeling lovecraftian (that can’t be good) and plan on running more games the coming weeks, so you might join one of those.

OK … let me try to make a schedule-fu roll …

All right. This link goes to the Discord-server well be using: The Lady Afterwards Please head over to the character channel and choose one of the characters, I’ll send you the sheet.

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