100% Newbi

Hello there UmbreonWarrior here
So i always wanted to get into DnD becouse im interested in things like this.

But i sadly never had a chance to actually play it in a group i have only seen videos of it really and storys about it.

BUT! i found this side so i hope that there are meetings maybe where i can be teached and shown how DnD works? ^^

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A very good start into the D&D world (the latest 5th edition) can be Adventurers League. There is usually a meet up every Friday and everybody is welcome to join. Just make sure to announce yourself in thread of the respective week. This is the one for this week.

There‘s further information in the first posts of that thread. The community is very welcoming and super nice in general! New players are always welcome :blush:

Oh is that the Pure Living Cafe mentioned in it??
If yes then thats less than an hour away ^^

it’s cafe 1070 … :smiley:

Used to be pure living bakery tho

Oh ok thanks i see
Becouse in Google maps its still shown as Pure living bakery ^^