1 Seat Left! NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY - Spire Drop in/Drop out Season 1 - (8/10) Graveyard Shift

Hi RPGers!

Christmas has come early and there’ll be just a 1 week gap to part 8 of 10 of my self-contained Spire episodes! Your Magister Jeff has received word from above that the symbol found on the rail gun letter and the observer’s arm at the art competition has been sighted at a graveyard in Ivory Row. Initial light investigations have not revealed any further details of interest, either of the person the grave belongs to or anything in the surrounding area that would give any other insight, but now Jeff wants you to go and take a closer look; firstly to go at night and dig up the corpse for clues, and secondly as bait as the organisation seems to have taken an interest in you, so you may be able to lure them out!

Let me know if you’re interested! (If you are repeat players from my one-shots or sessions, you will be able to add an additional Low Advance to your existing character ahead of the game).

As before, I have attached all the materials needed to create a character from the choice of 15 classes. These characters have resistances (Blood, Mind, Silver, Reputation and Shadow) that can be impacted in the game instead of hit points. You should start with the Spire Characters file first if you would like to create a character, as it gives all the necessary approach directions. An extra piece of help, however, is that if you are provided the same Domain or Skill twice, you can gain a Knack, which allows you to roll with mastery. A knack is a more focused version of the domain or skill. For example, if you got the Fight skill twice, you could choose to have a knack in fighting with blades and you could roll with mastery whenever you fought with a bladed weapon.

Spire_Characters-compressed.pdf (1.6 MB) Spire_Character Sheet.pdf (338.1 KB) Spire_Blood Witch-compressed.pdf (880.6 KB) Strata_Characters.pdf (753.4 KB) Sin_Characters-compressed.pdf (2.3 MB)

@Nat1 @Lindt @BenjiBananas @Aviron

Ez pz , love digging up corpses at night

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I unfortunately got no time on the 21st, but thanks for the ping. Wish you a good game

@Lindt any update on this?

My day has just cleared up, so I’d be happy to join if you’re running! :smiley:

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@Tequila_Sunset would you be interested in this week?

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