1/7/02016 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone kicked off 2016 with a bang!

Any plans for kicking off our role-playing year on Thursday? If we need a game, I could run either a character-driven mystery for three, or, for a larger group, a foray into that most dangerous frontier: academia …

Needless to say, I’m also eager to play any craziness anybody else comes up with. Gonna be a whale of a year!

Safe travels to anyone returning to Wien, and see you on Thursday!


I’m in :slight_smile:

I should be there too.

I will most probably be there as well.

I’ll join

Me too!

There’s a good chance I’ll be there and I have a mystery preped and ready to go as well if there is interest. If the off chance pops up and I can’t make it I’ll post again. Hope to see you all there.

I’ll be there! Gaming withdrawal mode engaged already!

Sounds good. I ran something last week, so go right ahead. See you tonight!

won’t make it today :frowning:
but next week for sure

I should be there.

I’ll be there

Mystery sounds fun!!

I think I’ll be there, but either very early or rather late…

A Chylli is never late, nor is she early, she arrives precisely when she intends to…

Thanks. I had a lot o fun!

Fun indeed! Thanks for the mystery, Schwedenbomben, mini dice and company!

It was great but I’m still a bit confused about where Barbara fits in the thriple relationship.

Barbara was the boss of mr cambel, abby’s white husband