Want to support RPGVienna?

Hi all!

First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who attended the Vienna Fantasy Gaming con yesterday, especially big thanks to everyone who organized and ran something. It was a great success and everyone had a great time!

A couple of people asked me what it costs to run the site and if it was possible to help out with those costs. I always felt a bit uncomfortable asking people for money. I never started RPGVienna to make any money, there are no ads or anything. I purely just wanted to start a community of like-minded individuals and I’d say ‘mission accomplished’ when it comes to that :slight_smile:

However, I also understand that people like to contribute to their various hobbies and activities. Patreon is very successful for various content creators/communities and the fans and users like to give something back. So, I’ve decided to accept donations to help towards the running costs for RPGVienna.

The forum is hosted on DigitalOcean servers and aside from a couple of hours from me for maintenance and stuff, the actual server costs are only around $14 a month (~12 EUR). Right now, I pay it via credit card but it’s also possible to ‘top up’ my DO account via paypal and the funds are then taken directly from this account every month. That’s what I plan to do with any donations from here.

NOTE: This is PURELY voluntary. I won’t tell anyone who has or hasn’t donated. The amount is up to you and I appreciate any contributions no matter how much it is. Thanks in advance!

You can do it via paypal in Euros here - https://www.paypal.me/ebsy

Cheers everyone!