V.A.L.U.E. in Winter Wonderland

Not feeling the best here, it is best that I skip this one.

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Might be a bit late (5 mins or so)

Its a bit short notice but I cant come today. Hope you all have fun :+1:

@BufoBufo @iBug @katnyx @mane @stardewchicken
:dragon_face: thanks for playing in Tymanther

@BufoBufo @iBug @mane @stardewchicken
aside from +1 level up, +10 Downtime Days, you gain:

  • You can choose EITHER a Heward’s handy spice pouch (common) gained from the old Shestandeliath farmer you saved from the wild dogs, OR a Heward’s handy haversack (rare) as a thank-you from the possessed Yrjixtilex farmers, who survived
    … also the storyteller from the Kanjentellequor Clan gives you +120gp each as a thank you for helping saving Kianna

Homebrew Story Awards

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: “A Handy Backpack”
Requirement: You took the Heward’s handy haversack (rare) as a reward for this adventure

This is a nice backback. Awesome!

:dragon_face: “Tymanther Lore Dump”
for @BufoBufo @iBug @stardewchicken

You listened to the Kanjentellequor storyteller during the festival.
ONCE at my table your character can choose to automatically succeed on a History check regarding lore about Tymanther, Tymanchebar, and/or Unther.
You have to choose to use this award before rolling.

:dolls: “Prexijandilin Doll”
for @BufoBufo

You bought a Prexijandilin doll at the Awakening festival, with a nice dress made out of flowers.
Might be a great gift for the right person?

:pray: “Exploded Too Young”
for @BufoBufo & @mane

You remember Baroun, the brave rock gnome sage, who aided you against the evil spirit.
Should you ever be in the catacombs of Djerad Kethendi (Fortress of Gems), the second biggest fortress-city of Tymanther, you could go to the halls of the Thrikominari (clanless) to meditate to gain Inspiration.

:point_up:please keep in mind that these Homebrew Story Awards only work on my tables

:funeral_urn: @katnyx

The cremated ashes of Baroun will be placed in the catacombs underneath Djerad Kethendi (Fortress of Gems), the second biggest fortress-city of Tymanther and a major trading hub.
They will be resting in the hall of the Thrikominari (clanless). Since Dragonborn cities are a bit overpopulated, this is actually a popular make-out spot, since this area is rarely visited by Dragonborn praying to their ancestors.
Actually, since Baroun had been a small gnome, the Dragonborn will use a smaller urn, which will be placed at a higher shelve, so Baroun will have a really pretty good view.


:musical_score: a few Vayemniri (Dragonborn in their language; lit. the Ash-Marked Ones) songs
from the Awakening festival:

  • The Battle of the Crippled Mountain

This is a general Vayemniri (Dragonborn) song.
It tells how Shurideh and Iksdara Who-Would-Be-Verthisathurgiesh, their kinsman Reshvemi Who-Would-Be-Verthisathurgiesh, and Thuchir Who-Would-Be-Shestandeliath (descendant of Haizverad and bearer of the Breath of Petron) infiltrated the Celestial Mountain, the volcano lair of Rhodrolytharnestryx, the Tyrant of Tyrants, while the red dragon and his dragon army fought against the army of dragonborn rebels.
Shurideh, Iksdara, Reshvemi and Thuchir infiltrated the volcano using two artifacts - the Breath of Petron, and then the Eye of Blazing Rorn - to trigger an eruption so powerful that killed Rhodrolytharnestryx (and miraculously, all four survived).
The ash from the eruption rained for 40 days, and the dragonborn survivors of the battle took it as an omen. They renamed themselves the Vayemniri (lit. the Ash-Marked Ones), no longer slaves but free.

  • Hazor and the Jet-Boned Tyrant

This Kanjentellequor song is about how a dracolich known as Daelfyrthimachian, the Jet-Boned Tyrant, constantly raided Vayemniri (Dragonborn) tombs to raise them as undead, forcing the Vayemniri to kill their dead until they defined their funerary customs.
This song is also the reason dragonborn don’t fear the Wall of the Faithless.
("Better oblivion that apart from our clans. Better an end than a perpetuity in bondage …")

  • The Many Esham-Ana

An Yrjixtilex song. Esham-Ana Who-Would-Be-Yrjixtilex was one of the guards of the slave pens of Gauwervyndhal, the Empress Dragon of Skelkor. He used his position to bring food and other commodities to his fellow slaves.
Ororonymilith, the Vizier of Broken Thorns, a copper dragon, was tasked by Gauwer to find the one who was stealing her food, and the copper dragon went to the slave pens to investigate, using a clanless dragonborn to discover that Esham-Ana was the culprit. The next day, he went to the mines and demanded the slaves to bring Esham-Ana to him to face “justice”.
However, all the slaves began to say that they were Esham-Ana — they never would hand over the one who sustained them to the Foul Empress Dragon — startling the dragon long enough to lower his guard.
Ororonymilith’s skull was the first dragon skull claimed by the first Who-Would-Be-Yrjixtilex.

  • The death of the elders in Raurokh

A Kepeshkmolik song. Shaspur Who-Would-Be-Kepeshkmolik was raised in Raurokh, the fortress of Raurokhymdar the Golden, a gold dragon who conducted experiments to breed better dragonborn slaves. Shaspur was one of her best specimens, and he was raised by seven wise dragonborn elders (Ana-Mashal, Baishiria, Hurashum, Nazari, Qinnaz, Rahishu, and Zerath) so Raurokhymdar could use him as the new father of a better, stronger dragonborn slave clutch.
One day, Shaspur devised a plan to flee Raurokh, but the plan has a big fail: the elders won’t survive it. The elders told Shaspur that he should go on with the plan, saving the younger slaves, while they sacrificed their lives to buy Shaspur time.
The song ends with the tale of how many years later, after the dragonborn founded their nation, Raurokhymdar the Golden was destroyed by Shaspur’s descendants, avenging the dead of the elder ancestors.

(@Xyathn: Tempus) (@Vishous: Ash) (@Atanen: Atanen) (@Takanari: Xala)

Thank you all so much on joining my table. :grin:

For giving these evil cultist a run for their money! You gain ONE magical item from the list below, 480GP each from looting the cultists hideout, 1 level and +10 downtime days.

• I will be running episode 3 of “L.C.P.D Finest” next Friday and looking forward for more of the Norse police soap opera. :deciduous_tree::doughnut:

• Going to write again for episode 3 on the post for next week’s game and also doing a recap for episode 2, so stay tuned:)

P.S: Book’em Danno!


sadly i can’t be there next week (even though i thought i could)

please pass the legendary sword of legends to the player with the highest wisdom save.


@Valzon @Tersidian @jboimler @lol39r @Rori_95

Thank you for playing at my table and tracking down the legendary “Universal Fruit and Vegetable Peeler”.

Archibald Quirkenstock III is very pleased with your performance rewarding your actions with the agreed upon amount of gold (plus some extra from all the random items you managed to sell to him a well). All in all it came out to 160 gp per person
(NB: Keep in mind that you all already received 100 gp up front → The 160 gp limit is for the entire session so if you have already noted down the 100 gp then you only get an additional 60 gp)

In addition to this each of you may also choose ONE of the following magic items.

  1. Bullseye lantern (filled and lit)
  2. Steel mirror
  3. 10-foot pole
  4. Hempen rope (50 feet, coiled)
  5. Sack
  6. 1 bag of 100 gp
  7. Silver coffer (1 foot long, 6 inches wide and deep) worth 500 gp
  8. Wooden ladder (24 feet long)
  9. Pit (a cube 10 feet on a side), which you can place on the ground within 10 feet of you
  10. Rowboat (12 feet long)
  11. 2x Window (2 feet by 4 feet, up to 2 feet deep), which you can place on a vertical surface you can reach
  12. Portable ram



In additon to those, Kathrine (played by @lol39r) also gains the following homebrew story award:

I’ll keep an eye on you
After your tragic death on the battlefield your companions confinced the local swamp hag Muriel to give you another chance at life. She agreed, and after a short discussion in limbo you agreed to trade one of your eyes for the hags services. You know for sure that Muriel can look through this new eye whenever she chooses but as for additional effects… you are uncertain.

Optional: You may take a level of warlock (either Archfey or Undying) to signify the connection you now share with this lovely lady.

All of you also gain:
The croaking stops, the writing begins
As the interpreters of Mangrove’s will and wishes the bullywugs of the swamp near Mountpass now consider you as an ally. Due to you influence they now focus more upon writing down the teachings of ‘Mangrove’ rather then spreading his word by mouth. This may change their entire tribe in the long run…

(keep in mind → these homebrew story awards only concern sessions at my table)


Thank you for letting me know :smiling_face:

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I’m only taking the Dagger of Venom Thank youuuu!

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Don’t worry about the number - that is just the number of clicks on the link, not how many items are handed out - lots of other curious folk might click through to have a look too.


yeah no worries, the numbers next to the link is not how many people “claimed” the item :smiley: nobody expects everybody to know all the possible items (heck even I simply don’t care to remember all of them :stuck_out_tongue: )


LOL thank you guys, I seem to be burned before :see_no_evil:

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I wanna reiterate that someone died for that veggie peeler lol.

Thanks again so, so much for the game! It was a ton of fun :sparkling_heart: