Tons of Reaper Fantasy Gaming Miniatures (and a Pirate Ship) for sale8

Hello everyone!

My Reaper Bones 5 kickstarter miniatures are due in the nextcouple of weeks or so. I have ordered extras and members of RPG Vienna are welcome to reserve them by PMing (or contacting me on 06769087536). Once they arrive they will also be available for purchase on Ebay and Willhaben.

Reaper Bones 5 miniatures are made form sturdy ‘bones black’ plastic material (being gray they can be played straight out of the box) and in most cases will require some degree of assembly (with ordinary super glue). They are cast in heroic scale (starting at 28mm for humanoids, and scaling up proportionally). All miniatures are fantasy miniatures and can be used with a variety of fantasy themed RPG’s, such as DnD, Pathfinder, LOTHR/The One Ring etc.

The prices include the additional costs of VAT, import duties (and shipping cost to my location), and are 30-40% lower than the limited retail prices on Reaper website (where, once sold they will seldom be available on individual purchase @ Reaper).The previous Bones 4 core set sold at around 350-400 USD on retail (this year it is expected to be higher due to better quality of material used).

The following packages will be available:

  1. Bones 5 core set - containing over 150 (1.5 eur/mini) highly detailed fantasy gaming miniatures, set of gaming dice, 40x 1inch bases and 20x2inch bases (210,00 EUR)
    Includes PC heroes, a good variety of monsters such a Catoplebas, 2x dragons, golem,wraiths, bunch of kobolds, undead, catfolk, a dragon wolf, whatever that thing in the well is and many more etc.

    AND MANY MORE… if you have a facebook account have a look at this videos…it’s just a LOT.

  2. Fan Favorites expansion - contains over 43 highly detailed fantasy gaming miniatures (100,00 EUR)
    Contains a DEMOGORGON (much cooler than the wizkids option imo, and way cheaper), a mamoth lord, a rakashasa, firbolg pc/npc options, anti paladins, mephits, imps, gatormen, animatronics and raccoon ranger because why not :slight_smile: and more


  3. Greek Odyssey - Greek mythology themed minis. includes 23 mostly larger miniatures (100,00 EUR)
    Contains a gorgeous minis from Greek mythology including columns of zeus and hera, hercules, a centaur, hydra, cyclops, hippogriff, cerberus, greater medusa, a minotaur etc.

4.Dungeon Dwellers - includes 48 detailed dungeon themed minis (100,00 EUR)
Contains orcs, kobolds, goblins, adventurers, an owlbear, a treasure dragon, an ogre and more…

  1. Dark Depths - highly detailed sea exploration themed miniatures (mostly medium and larger monster minis) (100,00 EUR)
    Contains mermaids and merman pc/npc options, nessie from da lake, a sea giant and sea ogres, dire moray, sea dragon, sea beholder and more

  2. Brine Wind - pirates ahoy! all sorts of pirates and pirate races, including undead pirates (47 in total) (100,00 EUR)
    Contains just a lot cool looking pirates… including things like cat pirates and ottherfolk pirates, a pirate shrine to an evil goddess and more.

  3. Pirate Ship = YES almost 1m long (200,00 EUR)

  4. If I can remember correctly what I backed, there will also be a couple of individual miniatures for sale including a huge spider, storm giant, dragons and such…

All prices include taxes and import duties.

Happy adventuring! Cheers!

Some individual Adult/Ancient Dragon miniatures, 24 eur each:

Spider Queen, 20 eur

Large Catapult 12 eur

Large Ballista 12 eur
ballista 1 ballista 2

Yog sogoth - of many names…and applications :slight_smile: 24 eur

Storm Giant King aka Zeus (aka variation of King Hekaton?) 21eur

Fire Giant (aka mama’s boy)- 14,50 eur